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Good Morning all....well I have completed my first run for week 8, its overcast here today forcast is for thundery showers. No sun which was a bonus but had a horrid hot north wind blowing in my face all the way down which was not nice as my mouth was so dry and I was sooooo hot.

I just kept focusing on the music and my marker points which tell me how far along I had gone so got down ok, not very enjoyable due to the hot wind blowing in my face, on the way back thought I felt a couple of small drops of rain which would have been nice to cool things down but NO the skies didnt want to open up just yet.

I really struggled on the way back I think due to the hotness of the wind it really tired me out so just kept on plodding along and waiting for Laura to come in....ahhh there she is only 5 minutes to go....thankfully, keep foot in front of the other ...the thought of stopping did enter into my mind a couple of times but with steeley determination I kept on going thinking of all my fellow Week 8ters all doing the same thing today so I did it, Finished...Yaaaay....Ahhhh Thankgoodness thats over !!!

After my 5minute cool down walk I have a small walk back to my home and the first part has a slight rise in it, it is by no means a hill but a slight rise in the road and I usually run back home but NOT this morning....TOOOO back home did my stretches out the back then flopped down on the lazy boy outside and could easily have closed my eyes for half an hour or so...but recovered now and have just popped the coffee machine on for my will go and enjoy a nice coffee. I wish everyone well with W8 this week and will be thinking of you all....Have a Great Run ... xxx

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Well done, Pinkus!!

Enjoy that coffee and your success in W8!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Well, look at you Pinkus! Hmmmm....maybe I should say, SOON TO BE GRADUATE! :-) CONGRATULATIONS! Slow and steady is the way to go and I agree, it helps having this community here to be accountable to. I hope you enjoyed the coffee and was able to get a well deserved rest! :-) Gayle


Thanks guys.....It means alot xxx


Go Julie :-) - that Hot North Wind makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it - WELL DONE!!!!!! Hopefully the rain will stop and I'll get mine done today too. Hope you feel well revived after that coffee, Cheers Sara :-) x


Well done pinkus - another step closer :-) It is strange to think of you running in a hot north wind this morning while I was out at the same time running in an icy chill - all of the leaves were frozen to the ground!

Week 8 music - much more upbeat :-)

Enjoy your next run!


Yes Goldstar....that is funny I had a chuckle while reading your reply.....leaves frozen to the ground, hard to imagin over here, but we did have that thunderstorm last night complete with lightening (which I do not like) it was lighting up the sky and you could see the veins of it....ohhhh I was very scared my hubby was outside watching it but I had to go inside. Yes I did like the music this week much more upbeat like you say, quite enjoyable running to it yesterday. Goldstar where are you up to in this program ??? Nice chatting, Have a lovely day.


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