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Download to Windows 8 phone - help please


Hi there, I am not able to download the podcasts to my Windows phone. I did read a post here whereby it suggested that use the App PODCASTS, done this and it is asking me to enter the RSS feed URL but unfortunatley I dont have a scoobies where I get this from. I tried downloading via my computer but as I do not have the up-to-date Windows package it would not let me download, surely this should be pretty easy stuff, am I just being thick!! Does anyone have any suggestions. I have been using another C25K app which follows the same principle but is very basic and just informs me when you run and walk, defo no encouragement from Laura. I am going demented in my quest to sort this out, please HELP!!


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I haven't used Windows 8 but have you seen this advice page?


I downloaded mine through the app store, I have a windows based phone, it's great for the app tracks route, distance etc but dosnt seem to give all Laura's helpful comments I literally get warm up, rum, half way, cool down and complete, no sign of your a runner as in others posts and I've just completed week 6, just 12.5mins of silence while I run until she says half way so tempted to try on iPod see what difference is, good luck with downloading it


Oh no both of you, I feel really sorry your missing out on Laura!! Because she does make all the difference, I started out with this silent app then when I came on here realised I'm missing out on something too, I just went back into the App Store and found the right one, it has to be the nhs c25k not just c25k. Hope you get it sorted x


For what it's worth, there are quite a lot of similarly titled apps, podcasts and whatever out there (some of which make a charge), but the NHS version (with Laura) can be found here -

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