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Podcast help please?

OK, I'm being really dim. I haven't downloaded a podcast since I got my new phone. I have an Iphone5. I have downloaded the podcast app. I want to download the stepping stones speed podcast but having tried twice, once on my laptop and once one my phone i can't find the download. Is it do do with the sync?Please help me. Step by step. I am sure it should be simple and intuitive but I have failed :(

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You need to locate it in your podcast app as opposed to music. The icon is purple with a sort of dolly peg image in white. Click on that. It should then show your op podcasts. That's where my stepping stones, couch25k, audio fuel podcasts are stored.

Hope that helps!. Happy to help if it doesn't!!



Thank you- I' have managed to find my purple/white dolly peg. But it only has my R4 Saturday review podcasts :(. No stepping stones... I'm clearly looking in the right place at least. Do you think it is a syncing issue?


Have you tried downloading the podcast directly on to your iphone?


Actually, I've just re-read your original post and yes, you have tried downloading to your phone. Were you doing it on wifi? Did you give it time to download? It "should" be straightforward. Perhaps switch off and start again? Always seems to work for me!! Lol


Thanks for your help - I don't know what happened but it finally worked. Magic perhaps?


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