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Help. I can't get this app to run on my Windows 10 phone.

Help. I'm struggling to download the couch to 5k app to my windows 10 phone. Correction, I think it is downloaded, I can't find anything that will run it.

There is no reception in my gym so I need it downloaded. I will be very grateful if anyone can assist me.

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Just download it to your music.. it should work.. it worked on my Windows phone?


I'm not very good at this! it doesn't appear to give me a choice of where to download it.


thanks for quick reply. good to know it is possible once I work out what I'm doing. Will persevere.


I think... I don't know anything about windows phones! You are probably downloading the podcasts, not the app? (I don't know if the app is available for windows phones...)

I would google 'where are my downloads windows 10 phone'. Then see if you can play one of them.

The podcasts are just music files, as oldfloss suggests, but they are 'zipped' to make them smaller. So if your phone can't play them, the next thing to google is 'how to unzip files windows 10 phone'.

I might even have downloaded them to my computer first and then unzipped them and then put them on my phone! And I also have to google 'where are my downloads' every time :D

Feel free to message me if no-one else can help!


Download the podcast instead. Then go to ‘podcasts’ and it should be there. Just double check they are then downloaded not streaming.

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At last, I've done it! Not quite sure how, but I have week 1 on my phone. Thank you your kind help.


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