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need some techie help with getting the podcasts onto my phone

I'm trying to get the stepping stones, speed and stamina podcasts onto my stupid windows phone, I cant remember how the heck I did it with the c25k podcasts, I remember vaguely a lot of phaffing about they never went straight on last time like music would do, I had to do something but I cant remember how I did it.

They download fine to my computer, I can see them in the podcast file section on my computer and I can get zune to play them, but I can't get them to show up on zune at all. I cant drag and drop like I would do with music.

does anyone have a windows phone and know how to get them on, I've googled all last night to no avail.

Heelllppp... please..... before the computer and or the phone goes out the window. :-(

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dont know anything about windows phone but could you possible add them to a micro sd card & load them on that way?? x


I don't have a Windows phone but when I put any files onto a device I always ignore the software programmes that come with it and instead go into my computer, right click the file, select copy, go to the device in the list, there's usually a folder entitled music, right click in there and paste. Hope this helps, the micro card solution sounds good if not. :-)


If you download them individually from this link ( nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Couch-to... ) they will arrive as MP3 files, so you can treat them just like normal music files.


Hey, thanks,

Just worked that out.......

They are the ones that I downloaded, and I just worked out that I could paste them into my music files.. only took me all day... haha

I see now that they are mp3 files.... groan...


Hey thanks for your replies, You gave me an idea 'notbad' I've finally got it working, I tried what you said but my phone doesn't show up on devices, it's just not there for some strange reason, its definitely connected but the device list is empty? weird ! but... the copy and paste gave me an idea.

If anyone else has the same problem,

(though it's prob me just being blonde, it's bound to be something really obvious)

with windows phones and podcasts, copy them and paste them from podcasts to music on your computer, then they will go onto Zune as music by themselves straight away, they still wont appear on the podcast lists but I just put them in a playlist. Seem to be working fine.

Very odd, as I have the c25k as podcasts on my phone. if anyone has any experience of this, please let me know as I'm totally clueless and it will bug me forever, :-)


I'm really quite computer literate, and used to work in a job which involved movign audio files about. Even I had a job getting the podcasts onto my phone this time. If you have a samsung phone I can help you out.


thanks but i've got them saved under music files now rather than podcasts. that will do me. I've got a htc. I was ready to throw the damn laptop out the window lol


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