Pearsey's back!!

Hi, Sharyn,James, Matthew, Ann, Gayle and Steve and anyone else I may have forgotten from the August beginners.

Yeah, I restarted as you suggested James, at week 5 on Monday. I thought (silly me) it would be a breeeze! Instead of that it was real hard! My son James (has Sports Science degree) said I needed to start at the beginning, so off I went again yesterday morning with week 1. It was lovely to repeat the course! Laura encouraging all the way, and by run 6 I was into it. The last two runs were up a gradient-oh I do punish myself! No problems with the breathing this time, but a lot of aches in the calves, who have been dormant for the past 6m. The knee was just fine.

I really need to get back into my running because on 23rd June myself and the family (Lisa excluded as due to give birth that week) are running 5k in the Race for Life in my husband Richard's memory. Richard died on 12th March from Cholangiocarcinoma (cancer of the biliary tree)-an up until now, untreatable cancer. Unfortunately he was referred to professor Wassan at Hammersmith Hospital too late. The charity was selected as one of two for the donations. if you wish to support this research the link is

I do hope that no one is offended by me putting the link down, but this guy is really tackling this cancer head on. The research is completely charity reliant, and having read all the documentary evidence of the beginnings of successes in this quarter I want to give as much support as I can so that others don't suffer.

Richard, fortunately, went down fast and didn't live to suffer the pain in the end stages of this dreadful disease, and I thank God every day for carrying out my request.

I'm good! I've allowed everything that needs to happen to happen, and I know there is more to come, but I also know that Richard is in a better place right now and watching over me.

Thank you guys for all the support I was given during the time we were fighting this monster.

Keep on Running :-)

Colette xx


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22 Replies

  • Welcome back, Pearsey. I'm sorry for your loss, but glad you're working to help others overcome the disease that took your dear Richard. Best wishes.

  • Thank you Toegloves. I don't believe we have "met", but thank you si much for your kind words.

    Colette xx

  • *so much

  • Oh, Colette! Hugs to you! (((Hugs))) Did you feel it? ;-) Bless your heart and may you and your family continue to be comforted during this tragic time of losing Richard. You have been through so much but it sounds like you are back on track to taking care of yourself. Don't worry about offending anyone with the information. Cancer is a horrible disease which has taken many way too soon. I think its great to share info and raise awareness. I hope the 5K in Richards memory will be a huge success. So, you are also expecting a gradbaby at that time? So happy you are back here and know, we are here for all the support you may need. Gayle

  • Hi Gayle,

    Thank you for your enormous hugs-yes I felt them))))!

    Yes another grandchild-a brother (I think) for Phoebe, who will be two on 27th April-going on four!!

    Forgot to say that one of our son's was married on Easter Saturday, so that picked us all up.

    Not that the funeral was sad-it wasn't, as we had a Celebration of Life service and everyone wore colours. At the end Buddy Holly's It's Raining in My heart was played and at the finish Phoebe yelled out "Hurrah!!!!". Well, what timing eh? It was a wonderful day and the thought went through my mind that it was like our wedding day :-).

    So good to be back! Thank you for all the support to come-I'm sure that I will need it in the days ahead.

    Colette xx

  • Grandchildren can really help so much with our grieving. We had a granddaughter born while my mom was ill and I was her caregiver. Shortly after mom passed away, they moved closer to home and I started taking care of her while her mom (my daughter) worked. She brightened a very dark spot in my heart. We have two granddaughters now who keep this granny running even when I'm not running! ;-) The service for Richard sounds like it was wonderful and perfect timing by Phoebe! She sounds like a cutie!

  • Oh I so agree! I remember when we had Lisa and my Mum was dying of cancer. My father said she kept him sane! She was always very close to her grandpa.

    So lucky to have yours close to you-mine's a 2 1/2 hour drive away.

    Yup-she's a cutie alright-picked up a feller at the evening function for the wedding, lol! Apparently she takes after me (???). Not two yet and on the dance floor first. Spied a little boy of 4 and dragged him onto the floor to dance with her :-).

  • Hi Colette,

    I was wondering what had happened to you. There are a few of the crew from "our" time (I started in September I think) who are AWOL at the moment.

    I had no idea that your husband was battling this dreadful disease, and I'm so sorry to hear that he died last month. That must be a dreadful shock to the system and I'm pleased to hear that you have bright times ahead with your new grandchild.

    Good luck with your re-start on C25K - I look forward to hearing about your progress.

    All the best

    Ann xx

  • Thank you Ann. Good to be back :-)

    Colette xx

  • Hi Colette. I feel I have only just got back to the blog after a bit of an absence and there I find your post. What news! I am so sorry to hear of your tragic loss but glad to hear of good news in amongst the sorrow. I hope you can keep up the running. It is tremendous therapy in the widest sense of the word and you are putting it to such a good cause too. There's nothing wrong in posting the link either. Wishing you well and much strength. James

  • Long time no see James. Good to see you :)

  • Hi James,

    So good to hear from you! It has been so uplifting today to hear from everyone. I haven't been accessing the blog either. Yes, I now see why I started running in the first place-there is always a reason for everything.

    I hope that your injuries have healed, and that you're enjoying the Easter break-back to reality on Monday?

    Keep on Running :-)


  • So sorry to hear of your dear Richard's passing Colette. I remember you having to go to the hospital with him so I was really saddened to read this. Its lovely that you are running your race in his honour, he would be very proud and he will be there by your side in spirit urging you on! :)

    Take care of yourself Colette and we are here for you to offer support at any time,

    Sue xx

  • Thank you Sue. Just about to go out running :-).

    Good to know you guys are out there.

    Colette xx

  • Hi Collette, great to see you back here. I am so sorry for your loss, but really admire your spirit and determination to get back into running. Good luck with your race, Richard will be watching over you and make sure to stay in touch on here. As you know, there is always someone around any time of the day willing to lend a friendly ear and provide supportive words.

  • Hi Rollertoaster,

    Thank you! Yes, I know he is watching over me-no doubts about that. Gave me a shove up the gradient on Wednesday-maybe in my head, but it helped anyway! :-)

    Colette xx

  • So sorry to hear of your sad loss, Colette, but much strength to you and your family for 23rd June - I'm sure Richard will be with you all.

  • Thank you very much Annie-I'm sure that he will :-).

    Colette xx

  • So sorry to hear your sad news :( You are a very brave lady.Sending best wishes to you all in your charity run.I'm glad you have found the spirit to start running again as you have given me some very helpful advice on this programme and I wish you good luck in achieving your new goals :D Xxx

  • Thank you screwdriver. How's it going for you these days? I'm not really brave at all. I just know from nursing patients with liver cancer what a dreadfully painful end he avoided having- and for that I am grateful that God answered my prayer sparing him and the family the distress that would have ensued.

    As it was he had a pain free, dignified and peaceful passing with all the family there.

    Running is my therapy. It will make sure that I treat my body well by eating, drinking and exercising. Also with a goal in mind (the Race for Life) I have something to aim for.

    I have peace knowing that I perused every avenue and fought like a progress to get him the treatment he needed-they must have dreaded seeing me coming!

    I made a total of 5 complaints in 15 months. With that in mind treatment at the cancer centre is now safe in practise, employing protocols used at Mount Vernon Hospital Northwood-the centre of excellence for the world and where I was privileged to work for a time many years ago.

    If this is the "why" then so be it. Patients are now safe and this is our legacy.

    I have my moments. Last Saturday was a very bad day. I was in a dark place, but I crawled out of the hole and I am going to do what we said I should do and live for the both of us. It will take time-one step at a time- and I have to pass through the five stages of grief. One I know I won't face is guilt for I ran the extra mile.

    Colette xx

  • *vengadriver, not screwdriver. This flaming predictive text! Sorry! xx

  • *progress, progressing progress! Tut,tut!

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