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Such a geek!

I'm such a running geek now... was sat in bed last night, with Runners World magazine one side of me and ordinance survey map unfolded too, plotting my Friday and Sunday run routes! Now the weather is slightly better I'm planning to get off road a bit more!

I did my ‘speed’ intervals session last night, it’s the 3rd or 4th time I’ve done it. It seemed quite hard last night although I did complete, I think maybe the beef and horseradish sandwich with chips at lunch might have been weighing me down.

Still lovely to be running in the sun, even if it was a little bit chilly to start. I had to carry my iPod in hand as I didn’t have a pocket close enough to my ears as I had a new short sleeve top on, so I think I’ll need to invest in an arm band. Any recommendations guys or suggestions as to what to get/avoid?

Next run – 30 mins (ish) off road easy run plan for Friday. ?

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Hey, there was an article about you in yesterday's Guardian. ;-)


I didn't see this yesterday on guardian website!

I'm not a gamer but I definitely can relate to the enjoying something that ''bends around your schedule'' and yep - I do indeed love the ''humps of performance-based stats can be obscenely engrossing''

And who doesn’t love running for the chance to ‘’escape even the noise in our own brains for a little while’’???!

I love the guardian wrote a little article just for geeky runners like me! :-)


Unexpected runners :D :D Yep, that's me! Introspective as well - it's just for me, and i don't want any company, thanks :D

Regarding armbands, I have an old Karrimor one but will need a new one when I get my new mobile (my treat for my first year). The old one has been great - neoprene, velcro, easy to wear either on its own in the summer or over layers in the winter. It cost around £4, but the phone pocket is too small for my new mobile I think.

Have fun with your maps and your mag :)


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