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I think im on target?

Today i did wk 8 r1 an managed to clock 4.89km. It was very hard work towards the end well at 15mins i was all for slowing for a walk, but i started counting birds and the next thing i heard was well done now for the cooldown walk. So pleased i didnt give up, might continue to count birds as it definately took my mind off the pain lol. So am i on target to get to 5k by the end of week 9? I think so........

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Love the counting birds idea! Whether you get to 5k or not doesn't really matter, to be honest (though I'm sure we'd all have been very happy to do it!). What does matter is being able to run for 30 minutes - if you reach 5k that's a bonus, and a lovely one too, as it's pretty uncommon for people to be that fast by week 9. (I'm a bit of an oldie, and only managed a bit over 3k - I'm a bit faster now, but you'd leave me behind easily!)

About half of graduates run less than 4k in 30 minutes, so no wonder your legs were hurting! You may find your legs get used to it, and it gets a bit easier, but if not, you might decide it's worth slowing down a bit, so it's less painful, and then you'll have a new target for after you graduate. Only you know your legs!

Whichever you choose, you're doing really well! :)



Greenlegs advice is spot on as usual. Aim for 30 minutes, if you do 5K by the end of week 9 that's a bonus.


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