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How did that runner do that (week 8)

Tonight was run 2 of week 8 and it started out OK and I thought I would try to pick up the pace a bit. I thought I was doing quite well, when another runner went past me with ease and disappeared into the distance.

Envy was my first emotion then - oh well I will get there eventually -

I managed 4.5km but the last 10 minutes was very very hard and the tops of my legs ached.

got home and into a bath of cool (cold enough to make me want to jump out) water to try to relax my leg muscles and cool myself down as my neck felt like it was on fire. (strange?)

They still hurt a bit, but then I guess that is just me pushing more and my body getting used to it (and protesting somewhat)

So one more run to go before week 9 and I am not so sure I have that extra 2 minutes in me yet.

See what Friday brings - happy running all. ;-) :-)

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Maybe they've been running for years? Give your legs a chance! :)


I stick my tongue out at people who run past me! childish but makes me feel better!


Brilliant! That made me laugh lucykate!


Don't worry, alcopop, you'll get there. Perhaps that runner had only just started their run, or... whatever, it doesn't matter! See how you feel on Friday, but I'll bet you can move on to week 9 :)


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