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Week 1 day 2 or 1 again!


Yay! Just did my second session. Only now it's even better cos my hubbie came too! So I'm going to do four sessions for week 1 to allow him to do all 3! It was much better today, even tho was longer 1 as last time I pressed go as left house and ended up with my first run being uphill. This time we waited till we'd got to the park / common before starting. Much better as walked up the hill. Much better! And of course much nicer to have hubbie there!

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good for you and great that you are both doing this together, I started off using the local park and it is a great starting point and good for measuring how far you can get round it in the given time.

Keep it up and look forward to you future blogs :-)


Great that you will be doing this together :)

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