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I like to move it, move it!!!!

Woke up this morning half asleep

With all my blankets in a heap

OK did anyone guess yet? No, alright I'll tell you then. No charge in my iPod so I had to sing my own songs while I ran this morning - Duh!! Not quite sure which is worse, my singing or my heavy breathing :)

Anyway, managed a better time than Monday's run but the weather was wonderful this morning, I even had to stop and take off my jacket, now thats a first this year. Long may it continue.

Nothing exciting to report on the run, I visited my old stomping grounds from the days when I was first doing C25K, which was rather nice. Some ups, not big ones, some downs, not steep ones. All in all a lovely way to start the day.

Happy running guys. - Must remember to plug my iPod in to charge.

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Congrats on doing it without your ipod. :-) Everytime I head out the door I check and double check the battery... if ever it ran out, I'm sure I'd give up straight away. I suppose we will get weaned off Laura/music eventally?


New check list for night before a run:-

1) iPod charged?

2) iPod working OK?

3) iPod ready to run?

4) Checked, I can now run in the morning :)

It was not the first time this had happened but it will I hope be the last, its horrible listening to your own heavy breathing.


Nice run oldgirl!!!! I lost my charge mid-run a few weeks ago and I must admit, I prefer having the background noise to keep my mind on something else other then my huffing and puffing. This past run I had pushed something on the menu (imagine that) that I shouldn't have...I had the same song play over and over the entire run! I'm hoping you have more and more of the jacket off runs in the very near future!! :-) Gayle


I'm impressed that you can sing while you're running! All i can manage to do is gasp for breath :D Hooray for nice weather and having to take jackets off - more of that, please! I bet I will be complaining about running in the heat at some point though 8-)


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