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Which is the Best running watch to buy?


I would really like some help please, I am looking at getting a running watch. I really want to know how far I have run/walked. I use my iPod but I don't think it's accurate. I have only just completed week6run1 so not yet a runner is it worth it? Which ones are good?

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I just bought a garmin forerunner 10. Seems to do the basics but not much more. If I become a serious runner, I'll buy a serious watch.


I was looking at a Garmin forerunner 10 for the basics to start off with and not too much money. Plus they have it in lime :) Have you tried Runkeeper app on your ipod? It seems to be pretty accurate for where I live when compared to mapmyrun/mapometer websites.


Hi, thanks cyan and fits735. I will have a look at this one, that's the thing I don't want to spend alot of money because I worry I might end up not using it, like you say if you don't become a serious runner it will be a waste. Even though I love being out there at moment and just want to get to week 7 now. I might have a look at these websites too. Thank you once agsin


I use runkeeper app and love it, but it doesn't seem to agree with my husbands garmin when we go running together. He always says I've done my first km before I think I have, so not sure which to go by


I just got a Forerunner 10. Loving it so far.


Thanks I will have a look at both of these. I think the forerunner 10 might be the one.

I bought a forerunner 10 as a reward for graduating after starting to think about it around w6. I really wanted it but held off and now I see it as being proof hard work pays off!


I put off buying one until I needed it which was when I reached 10 k


I've got the Forerunner 210 and love it. I like the fact that I can program in intervals. It locates satellites pretty quickly and although chunky on my tiny wrists, it's smaller than most sports watches. It's very reliable.

It seems a big leap in price from this watch to more sophisticated ones and this one will do me fine.


This guy writes really helpful in depth reviews of GPS watches:


I read up on the Forerunner 10 before buying, so far I've been happy especially since getting a tip on here about getting and keeping the signal.

gnimiaGraduate in reply to notbad

What's the magic tip?

notbadGraduate in reply to gnimia

Got this from Dougb the other day - start the GPS locator leaving the watch on the windowsill while getting ready for run, once you get the GPS lock then start the timer, continue getting ready then once you go outdoors stop the timer, select 'discard' and quickly start the GPS locator off again for your actual run. The theory is it will still be locked to the GPS from the previously and so should pick it up again quickly. It worked for me anyway.


garmin forerunner 10...brill bit of kit for relatively little money. I love mine


Thank you guys for all your responses. so far garmin seems to be a clear winner. Zizzy I like the look of the 210 it looks like has tons of features but will have to wait to be a serious runner. Once I finish week 7 I might get a watch so I start aiming for that 5km run

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