I Started too late to run with my dad, but I ran from his house yesterday. It felt true, and good (and I did my first 5K)!

In Manchester for a few days with Dad. Took the running kit. Have mentioned the programme, but not dwelt on it. Suppose I wanted to surprise him? Anyway, set off yesterday morning. It was already warm,but I managed to find some pavements with a bit of shade. Having spent time. Compiling New Playlists 1, 2 and three from your lovely suggestions recently, I was slightly dismayed to find I had left the IPod at home. Never mind, off I went. Was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually enjoyed this au natural approach. No feeling ok I am on this track, so have done X mins. Plus able to take in all those lovely northern greetings ("good for you, luv") etc which I really did get (especially from the dog walkers). I felt energised for the first time and less winded. Had to keep jogging on the spot while waving Fitbit in the shade to see how long and how far after what felt like a good while, but realised I could keep going. I did it. 5K in 34 mins. Ok, have exceeded the plus 10% rule, but think lots of people do that. And, technically have done 5K once, but that was on treadmill and I only count the landmark runs when they are outside. When I got back, I was pleased as punch to be able to tell my Dad that I had done 5K. He was obviously v pleased (we went to pick up his friend later, and the first thing he said was "our Susan's run 5K this morning). After talk about stretches, he asked me whether I wanted to push on to 10 K. I said no, not yet. Mind you, as I was running along, I was flocking the banners for the Bury 10 K next month. Maybe...... Sometime....... But, for now, just happy days!


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  • Lovely post. Well done ๐ŸŒŸ

  • Lovely stuff.

  • Thank you. It was true magic!

  • I love that your dad was so proud of you. I sometimes get those northern greetings too in my adopted Yorkshire. People are less reserved and like to speak their mind more I find. A keep going luv from a man outside a pub or a good on ya makes me feel good about what I'm doing on an uphill slog (slight incline!)

  • Yes, people are definitely less reserved and open up North. A truism, but definitely still true!

  • Yay ! Well done " Our Susan " :-)

    Happy Days indeed , Great stuff ! xxx

  • Yeah, I felt truly at home, in more ways than one. Thank you Pops!๐Ÿ˜ŽXxx

  • Fantastic running:) must be great to have your dad so proud of you:)

  • Yes, it means a lot. He has been a lifetime long distance (marathon) man so am glad to no longer be the lost generation, as my kids all run as well (including a marathon runner son)!

  • Well done you x

  • Thank you!

  • Such a feel good post. Love it and huge congrats on the 5k - brilliant :)

  • Thank you. To be honest, the 5K was a happy incidental to joining the running family!

  • Happy days. Your Dad is obviously very proud of you!

  • Indeed. What more can any junior runner wish for?

  • Oh this post did make me smile, Sue. My lovely dad liked distance running too as young man, but didn't live long enough to see me and my sister take up running. So very happy for you :)

  • Thank you. Sure your dad would feel the same for you.

  • Brilliant post and well done , I can't wait to reach 5k and am sure the trick is to relax about it all. Must be nice run in a new place too and make your Dad proud of you!!!

  • You are right about relaxing. It was the first time I had looked at my distance for a couple of weeks. I found that hard to be honest, but it paid off!

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