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Chia Seeds! Yum!!


My son, who is also a runner, came to see us over Easter and brought me a gift. A bag of chia seeds. Now I had read Born To Run and recommended it to him, so that's where the idea for the gift came from. We looked up on the internet how to make the drink made in the book and tried it. Not bad! Not bad at all! Actually it tastes quite refreshing. It looks disgusting though! So this morning I am trying it as what I take before my run instead of breakfast. Let's see how it goes. Anyone else out there tried chia seeds as a boost for your run?

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I don't like drinking it (don't know what recipe is in the book) but I do like chia pudding where you soak the seeds in some form of milk or juice overnight to make a gloop you eat with a spoon. No idea whether it does anything in particular for my running, but I have just ordered some more.


Haven't tried chia seeds, but do take a teaspoonful of pollen granules before an early run. Might just be the placebo effect, but does no harm... :-)


The drink on line is 1 tblsp of seeds, 1 tblsp of sugar or huney 1 squeezed and mis with a glass of water. Stir after five minutes and again after five minutes, then put in the fridge to get really cold. I make it up the night before and drink it in the morning before a run. Like you, con-brio, may be all in my head, but it tastes fresh and good.

I'm happily obsessed with the little wonderful things.... Just wish I could drink them without fanatically trying to pop them in my teeth!

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