Welcome Home - Week 5 Run 3

Welcome Home - Week 5 Run 3

After having only recently learnt the Italian for scarper, I was at a restaurant by the sea last night with friends, admiring and enjoying the most amazing thunder and lightning show out at sea. Nature's fireworks - really glorious. All of a sudden, not quite so glorious as the storm came inland in 2 minutes and our waitress said we had to scarper - at that point the next table's plates were lifted off by the wind, so scarper we did. Yes we did pay the bill, and got into the car before hailstones arrived. Hail in July!!!

This morning Mr Smooth's customary invitation arrived, and I knew we were at a critical point in our relationship. No more Mr Nice Guy. Trainers on, faff with technology and go out the door. It was really quiet today, no Albino or Anouska, Mr 118 nowhere to be seen. Nuns on the run evidently did their chores yesterday. Not even the dogs to bark me on.

So I focussed on my music to try and keep my mind off Mr Smooth telling me this was a mental challenge... Change by the Lightning Seeds came on and I thought of rolysmate, who is a fellow Week 5er and how he is thinking of things and even changing routes. And at the moment I realise I can't actually change my route, because then I won't know how good or bad I'm doing. Then I think well actually I could change the route, because it's just a run right? Then I go back to I can't change the route and one of the reasons why is at present I need the routine, I need to see my Italian running mates who don't realise how much they help keep my mind going, with silly stories and characters.

So because I didn't see any of them today, the only witness to my full 20 minutes run, (yes I did it) was this chap hiding in my porch... Not pretty, quite ugly in fact - sporting a colour we will be calling toad brown. To be honest I thought he was piece of animal poo....

My celebrations on the week 5 podium (my porch) were witnessed by an amphibian, who didn't even blink, let alone scarper.

I sported the Dulux Colour Monarch again - substantially darker than my usual salsa red, but I figure that's allowed as I just did 20 minutes.

Mr Smooth you were right it is all in the mind, and although today you gave me at least 6 opportunities to swear, it came good at the end. I'm not dumping you just yet.


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  • I thought that was a poo at first πŸ˜‚

  • Seriously I felt like Sh.. and then I thought it was ......;) what an end to a run

  • Haha so funny!!

  • Well done persevering in spite of the weather... and another entertaining update, though tbh my first impression was the same as yours!!

    Must be the day for wildlife spotting...

  • I wonder how many different varieties of animal or poo we'll get. Judging by people's routes I wouldn't mind betting we get some exotic sightings

  • Will be interesting - but hopefully not the number 2's! I'm really glad you didn't have to face clearing that up after a run. My pooch found a snake today - maybe the storms are making them a bit reckless πŸ˜•

  • A snake okay you win the creepy creature prize for today.... we have them here, but other than a dead Sid the Snake a few years back I haven't seen any since.

  • To be honest, we do see them from time to time around here, basking on roads or in the fields, but usually too fast to capture, so wouldn't have caught this if it hadn't been killed. Anything to take the mind off the run, eh? 😁

  • Yes always better to have a distraction ... snakes and toads, we sound like the Witches in Macbeth....

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I actually prefer reading this forum than reading a novel. Does running provoke poetic prose? Love it. More!!!

  • Thank you, for me the two go hand in hand. I had to run to get my life back to a sense of order. The posts prove to me I did it! And I do love Italy too, so it's sharing the love.

  • It does! I compose daft rhymes on my runs. Fortunately they are expunged from my memory on turning off my Garmin

    Good run there Jan, toad permitting. It's like a zoo in ere this mornin πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸƒβ€β™€οΈβœ”οΈ

  • Daft rhymes, oh please you have to share one

  • Please

  • Has to happen go on miss wobble , give us a laugh

  • Well done for cracking your 20 minutes (without the distractions of your Italian chums too) I'll be tackling it tomorrow, so I hope I can match you for effort, but I'll pass on the amphibian welcoming committee if that's OK with you

  • I'd go for the human welcome committee or any kind of cuddly animal every time. Although I quite like our bright green lizards ...

  • I am in awe - very well done. Just did run2 today (ugh), not at all sure about run3, but will give it ago :)

  • I found 2 harder than 3 - you will smash it bareliz!

  • Ah now that is something I needed to hear. Thanks and here's to R3 - I hope :)

  • I think you're right Week 2 established a mindset, and Week 3 nowhere near as awful as I thought...

  • Actually provided you don't have to run up too many inclines it wasn't as bad as I feared, but you do need a distraction and I so wanted Albino and Anouska to see that I can run for more than a few minutes... go for it us Week 5ers are made of strong stuff

  • Grrrrrrit!!

  • Sure is.... and we know bareliz has it in bucketloads.

  • I'm hoping Laura will motivate me, (rather than ignore me) now thatI have new earphones :)

  • How can she ignore a super runner? And if she ignores you, we're with you, although sending messages through some kind of spooky ghostly capability is beyond me

  • Well done Jan😊... that was a biggie ( run I mean not toadπŸ˜† )

    Even without your usual aquaintences putting in an appearance..the fact that you looked for them must be a welcome distraction.. you are not running alone either, we are all behind you egging you on in spirit.

    Im glad you won Mr Smooth's approval with a great successful run. He knows your a keeperπŸ˜‰..

    Good luck with Week 6..looking forward to your report.x

  • Thanks Jan, the 20 Minutes meant I did the hill that kills twice, so I was very proud, if the very dark shade of Monarch red today. Dare not look at Week 6 though....

  • Yay!! Well done. 20 minutes seems like forrver

  • But then I had Mr Smooth for a full 20 Minutes. So time slipped reasonably quickly. You'll be the same wait and see.

  • Who's mr smooth?? I have Jo Wiley

  • Michael Johnson, he has quite a fan club....but he does two time....

  • Oh my goodness I have a full on fear of frogs and toads. That picture just made me feel all funny 😬 I think I'd have actually died had I got home to find that waiting for me!!!!!

  • Sorry didn't mean to give you the collywobbles... I actually did think it was poo, not a heroines welcome home at all. So compared to having to clean up poo, I thought the toad was marginally better. I didn't get close though, as you can tell by the size of it in shot. I will give you a toad alert next time....

  • Ha this post really made me laugh and prompted me to run this morning. I'm glad Mr Smooth has redeemed himself πŸ˜‚well done!!

  • I couldn't dump him just yet, wouldn't be fair now would it? Toad update - very seriously he died. Corpse on the doorstep this morning.

  • So a toad turns up most auspiciously on your doorstep & you didn't think to kiss him?! A suave, sophisticated Italian toad....?

  • Except and really am not joking, the suave sophisticated toad had died overnight. So stiff shrunken corpse on the doorstep this morning.... So no kissing for me

  • Sure the kiss wouldn't be up to Mr Smooth's standard's anyway!

  • No Mr Smooth is much better, as you can tell I have a very active imagination!

  • Oh, poor toad! Perhaps he wasn't the best specimen to kiss anyway! Wishing you many happy storm free & toad free runs!

  • He croaked, that's a really rubbish joke isn't it?

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