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W8R3 completed, despite fallen rocks

Wasn't intending to go out today, as I had had a tough day at work (adolescent boys... who needs 'em?). Fell asleep after catching up with everyone's blogs... well done all! :-)

I don't normally indulge in the siesta thing, but today was hot... Well, that's my excuse (or is it the 5x50 catching up on me?). When I woke it was about 6 p.m. and, perhaps because I prefer to run first thing in the morning, I automatically changed into my running stuff and headed out the door. Neighbours asked me if I was off for a run, so I couldn't chicken out even if I had wanted to. ;-)

Run went surprisingly well, though I had to double-back halfway around my usual route as part of an overhanging cliff had fallen, blocking the way and the council had put up some barriers. :D

So graduation week looms... who'd have thought it would come round so quickly? When I started the programme it seemed such a distant goal. Amazing how the body gets used to exercising in such a relatively short space of time. The last couple of weeks have been a bit of an effort though... those initial runner's highs are a thing of the past at present.

Oh, almost forgot: I saw the first swallows of Spring yesterday, divebombing as is their wont. :-)

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Lucky you seeing swallows already. A real sign of spring. I wonder how long it takes them to get to the UK from Italy (or whether they are different ones).

I've just been reading about cuckoos - the first of the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology ) tagged cuckoos has just got back to France, via Italy, from Africa. Wonder whether I'll hear any this year.

Maybe the 5x50 extra activities are wearing you out! Though weeks 7 and 8 do tend to be pretty hard slogs anyway, so you're doing well. Keep it up! :)


Thanks. :-)

Have yet to hear cuckoo this year. Won't be long now though. Swallows are quite territorial I believe, always coming back to the same nests, so those that make it to the UK are the marathon-runners... we just get the lazy ones here!


I'm right behind you with this run (relatively speaking, of course). I'm find it an effort too (though going clockwise round the lake was easier... maybe all downhill like some Escher drawing).

I go out at dawn (not to avoid the heat as it hasn't reached us yet, though it's supposed to be in the 20s for the rest of the week) but because it's quiet and peaceful and leaves the rest of the day free. Not sure how pleasant it's going to be running when it's hot.

Not heard any cuckoos yet - just seagulls, cormorantsand egrets here - but eagles and vultures in the hills nearby (gives an added impetus to a walk when they're circling overhead :) ).


Eagles andf vultures? Where on earth are you? I see what you mean about "added impetus"... :-)


Not far from the Pyrenees - where the GR10 follows trails over the mountains from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean (a hike that makes running for 30 minutes seem too too easy - not that I have done either, yet ... :) ).


Just googled GR10. Looks fantastic. I love hiking in the mountains (used to live in the Italian alps... I miss them). I'll add this route to my "to do" list.


It's beautiful up in the Pyrenees - a favourite place of Hillaire Belloc's of course (imagine what it must have been like to walk them then).

Here are a couple of links for interest - one a rather nice blog of a couple of guys doing the walk n memory of their father.


Only just seen this. Thanks, both sites are brilliant. That's my weekend reading sorted. :D


I'm at exactly the same stage as you, Con Brio (great name!) as I have just finished W8 R3 and face into W9 on Thursday. I have definitely found W7 & 8 tough going and have had to spread out the runs a bit more (three day interval, then two day, then three) as I really ache. My job is a physical one (mostly upper body) and I have been very busy at work so am feeling very stiff and sore. I decided an extra rest day would benefit me and it seems to work. On the positive side, my W8 programme was 3 x 28 min runs and for two of them I kept going to 30 mins - a small gain, but made me feel good!

I run on a treadmill, and got very bored once I had no walking intervals, but now I've discovered classical music for running and it suits me great and really keeps me going. I posted elsewhere about transitioning to outdoors (I have a huge mental block about it) and I decided to finish W9 and then go out and hear the cuckoos!


I've spread some of them out too, Sanndila, and keep advising others to take extra day (or two) of rest... it works wonders.

I've been listening to Laura virtually all the time (though in the earlier weeks I listened to a few heavy rock podcasts). I'm not too bothered about the C25K music, though I'm looking forward to creating my own compilations after graduation. Hadn't considered classical music, but you've given me a great idea, thanks. I've always worked faster when listeing to the likes of Beethoven and Vivaldi...

Do try it outdoors after W9!


Which pieces do you listen to? I've been thinking recently about trying to listen to some classical and combining it with running might br just the thing.


Sorry that should have been to Sanndila although suggestions from anyone are welcome. :-)


I downloaded an album called 'Classical Music for Running'. My favourites are William Tell Overture,

1812 Overture,

Marriage of Figaro Overture,

Pomp & Circumstance March,

Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah, and

Brandenburg Concerto No 6.

They're all short excerpts 4-8 mins long, and what I think I like is that they're not verse-chorus-verse: they seem to be going somewhere (if that makes any sense!) I like listening to classical music in the car but I am far from an expert, so any other suggestions for good running tracks appreciated.


I'm catching up I'm one run behind you :-). I too found week7 and now week 8 quite a struggle. I'm looking forward to getting this week out the way.

Good luck with the last week :-) And well done for finishing week 8.


Thanks, and well done, you might beat me to it yet!

Yes, it's a struggle, but we're almost there now. We've beaten the mental gremlins, now it's a case of rest, rest, rest and run, run, run... :-)


Just to say good luck with week 9, hope the rocks are cleared and the boys behave, still nothing like a run to clear the mind. Was considering setting my own playlist with a specific track to let me know I am half way.

Weather is getting better in the UK at long last :-)


Thanks for the support. Rocks still there... I ran under the barriers, weaved through the rocks and past the cliff today... the only time I went at a decent pace! :D


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