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Week 4 - done and dusted

I have to start with an apology to OldGirl today. I don't know how, it's been such a miserable day, but I made it round again in the dry. Sorry. I'll get caught out one of these days!

Enjoyed my run. Managed to keep going although I nearly stepped out in front of a car and had to play dodge the doggy doos far too often.

It doesn't feel like it's warming up out there but I'm certainly feeling warmer and sweatier from each run now than I have in the past three weeks. Maybe I'm working harder. Well I guess I must be because I'm running for longer now than before. Amazed at how much ground I actually cover in 30 minutes. Can I assume I will cover even more ground next time out?

Dreading Friday afternoon and the start of Week 5 but also have eager anticipation at the same time. It's getting serious now!

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Keep on going - and enjoy week 5. :)


Thanks Greenlegs. Can't believe how addicted I am to this! :)


Well done and, yes, it's surprising how much distance you can now cover. You'll soon enjoy having to plan longer routes. :-) Enjoy week 5.


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