Does anyone have any tips for running in the rain?

It looks like tonight is going to be my first run in the wet. And looking at the forecast for the rest of the week, it could be the first of several wet runs :(

So, I just wondered whether anyone has any tips to make a wet run more pleasant/less horrible. Should I expect the run to be harder as well as more unpleasant?

Also, and this may sound a bit silly, but I'm worried about my shiny new trainers. Will they survive a drenching? What's the best way to dry them out after? Any tips would be appreciated :)

Thank you.


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11 Replies

  • Running in the rain is for me quite nice, it helps to keep you cool especially in the warmer weather. Wear a baseball cap if you have one, the peak will keep the rain from your eyes.

    Your shoes, if they get muddy as well as wet just rinse them under a cold tap. Stuff them with news paper and leave to dry in a warm place, not close to any direct heat though as that will damage the seams. They are designed to withstand rain and getting wet, if they are white they may close some of their newness, bonus in my opinion.

    And now for my rant - HOW COME YOU ARE ONLY RUNNING IN THE RAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME, WE'VE HAD NOTHING BUT RAIN, SLEET, SNOW AND YESTERDAY HAILSTONES. Oh I feel better after that shout, so sorry. Hope you enjoy running in the rain and don't forget to sing too.

  • Running in the rain was a pleasant surprise for me. Some of my best runs have been in a light rain. I recommend a baseball cap pulled down low, which more or less keeps my glasses dry. You don't actually notice that your wet until you start to cool down on your walk home, but then getting in the shower, when you get home warms you up again.

  • LOL! I have run in a snow shower before (W1R1) and have faced cold, bitting winds but somehow I've been lucky enough to dodge the rain so far.

    Thanks for the tips. I'm sure I have an old baseball cap somewhere. Only running on pavements so hoping not to get muddy.

    As for the singing, that will definitely have to wait until I'm "post-Laura" :)

  • Regarding your trainers getting wet... DO NOT force dry them. Stuff them with newspaper and leave them for about an hour so the newspaper can soak up most of the water. Then take out the newspaper and leave them near, but not on, a heat source such as a radiator...

  • BRRR! I know it's a copout, but I bought my treadmill for the winter and never regretted it on any wet or icy cold day!

    In fact, I can sing as I run - "Raindrops not falling on my head, but that doesn't mean my face won't soon be turning red ... " (:->)

  • Just do it! It's never as bad as you think it's going to be. But just make sure you don't get chilled afterwards - out of those wet clothes and into the shower/bath as soon as possible.

  • I just want to know how you stop your nicely blow dried hair stop frizzing!

  • Good question, answers on a post card please.

    There was a young girl at Body Sculpt class today, she arrived with not a hair out of place looking all cool and composed and departed the same way, how do they do that? :)

  • I love running in light rain. Even heavy rain. Hate running in windy weather. Hair ends up everywhere lol

  • Running in rain is nice, keeps you cool!

  • Running in the rain sounds romantic, but never done that so far!

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