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Does anyone have any tips for running in warm weather?

I did week 4 run 2 this afternoon at 4.30pm - it nearly killed me! All I could feel was the sun blazing down and it felt like I was slowly cooking. If you're wondering why I chose to run at such a warm time of day - well, it usually makes sense to run at this time as the kids are in their swimming lessons so it's good use of my time. I drank some water beforehand during and after but I still ended up with a mild headache.

Here's hoping that this won't be the last of the good weather and I'd like to have a warm weather strategy in place for next time so any ideas much appreciated!

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Im thinking of getting a baseball cap! theres no way I could wear sunscreen as I sweat too much & that would probably agravate my sensitive skin so it looks like I need to invest in a cap or try & run in the shade!

perhaps some sunglasses? :)


I ran this evening about 6pm-week 7 run3, I was wearing shades, baseball cap and a lightweight breathable running jacket (from sports direct) and a pair of cropped running leggings(?) from TKMax, probably looked a right state but offered good protection from the sun and at the end I was not too hot!


Sick to shady spots/paths and run in the early morning or late afternoon. I think the cool air of the shade this morning saved me from collapsing into a melted heap!


I have found wearing as little as possible (within reason!) has helped. This week I have worn a vest top and 3/4 length jogging bottoms and that has really helped me. I also take a drink with me so that every now and then I can have a swig. I do try to stick to times when the sun isn't beating down, but like you I have to fit it in with the children. Hope you work something out.


Thank you all. I'm going to try to make sure I drink more before hand, carry a drink with me and the cap idea also sounds a good 'un. I just think I will have to postpone my run when it's hot - given the British weather it shouldn't be too much of a problem most of the time!


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