Ran for half an hour but only covered 3.92km

Second run of week 8 and it was a lovely one along the sea front promenade, nice cooling breezes, not too many people. I ran for half an hour because I left Laura behind (eek) plus the warm up and cool down but my trusty pedometer only says 3.92km run! Am I just very slow? How an earth do I get to 5k next week or doesn't it work like that?

I'd like to think my pedometer is wrong but I think its pretty accurate.


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  • Many people have the same experience as you. In reality the programme should really be called "Couch to 30 minutes". If you listen to Laura, she's telling to run for a certain *time* - not distance or speed. And that's what it's all about - being able at the end of Week 9 to run (or jog) for 30 minutes without stopping.

    So... don't worry about the distance or your speed right now. Carry on doing what you're doing, graduate end of next week (yay!) and then consolidate, i.e. a few weeks of 3 x 30 min runs per week and then see how you feel.

    Hope that's of some help.


  • I keep seeing references to Laura! Am I missing out on something?

  • Laura talks you through the runs if you download the programme. Its here. nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

    I have found that despite not sharing the same taste in music she's great at getting you through the difficult moments in each week and keeping you going. Catmeer

  • we really shouldn't use the phrase "the runs" as it distracts those of us who are really just big kids :-).

    I can already hear my kids groaning and saying 'awful dad joke'...

  • Ah, I did download that but then found another free app called 5k runner so I can just have the clock showing but still listen to my own music. Mind you if her taste in music has got you to week 8 then maybe I should give it a go. Im a newbie on week 1.

  • I think if you have your music playing you can also run Laura's app and she will just occasionally interrupt with times and positive encouragement. I started with another c25k app myself (it sat on my phone for three years before I opened it!) but then during a brief economy drive I stopped subscribing to spotify and haven't even now got around to sorting out a playlist of my own!

  • Ill give it a go on tomorrows run. Thanks Swnymor

    P.S. congratulations on getting to week 8.

  • Catmeer, I really recommend the NHS C25k podcasts! Although most people don't like the music it is set at certain tempos, etc for the intervals and Laura pipes up with well-timed encouragement along the way. You'll understand a lot of the posts on here making reference to the dodgy music as well. It's definitely worth it!

  • Swnymor

    Which is Lauras app then on google play store?

    Tried a week 9 run to my own music but with no Laura I went a bit wonky. Did try on App but the voice was just a bit harsh, I prefer the gentler voice giving encouragement.


  • I believe that people are referring to the NHS C25K podcasts ( MP3 files) here nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

  • Thank you , it does. I'm thrilled whatever. I can even imagine achieving 5k one day!

  • I think you hit the nail on the head there - it would certainly be more reassuring to those of us who struggle with distance/speed if it had been called C230M :)

  • If it helps, checkout healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

    As others have said, it is about running for 30 minutes, then building that into a base and then improving speed/distance.

    Don't worry - you are doing great!

  • That is also helpful, thank you!

  • I agree - I still only average about 3.6 - 4k on my 30 minute runs. Don't worry about it, you can build up to 5k after graduation. Some people push for the 5k on their graduation run but then go back to running 30 minutes afterwards which is what I did but there will be plenty of time to get there so don't worry yourself about it . :)

  • I graduated C25K over 2 years ago - since then I have gone on to run in 10K and HM "races" a couple of times each and have run over 2000 klms so far in total. My 5K PB is 29 mins , 10K PB is 1 hour 10, and HM PB is 2hours 28mins. HOWEVER - when I force myself to run at an" easy" pace using my heart rate monitor to keep me down within the zone 2 conversational zone , I also only manage to do 3.5-4 k in 30 minutes. Pace really doesn't matter - unless you insist on comparing yourself with others. If that is the case , then unless you can run 5K in under 12mins37.35 for men and 14:11.15 for women , you are always going to be "slow" :)

  • Thanks Bazza, that's good to know that even if you can run a HM then an easy run is still a slow one! I suppose the sub 30 minute 5k is what people aim for but I just like to see my pace improving gradually week to week. I love the quote from your namesake, Baz Luhrmann's Sunscreen -

    Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind

    The race is long

    And in the end, it's only with yourself

    It couldn't be more apt in this context! :)

    Btw, did I see before that you live on the Gold Coast? I grew up in Burleigh Waters but live back in England now!

  • We are just outside Beenleigh - ran in the Gold Coast Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago.

  • Forever slow then! :) I don't run with others but I've gone back to wearing my little pedometer so I noticed the distance this time. I'm going to do that 5k though! (And hills, I want to do hills one day!)

  • That is a very good speed, don't fret! I was running 3 X 30 minutes when I graduated and covering about the same distance as you. I ran the same time for a couple of weeks and then on a good day, kept going until I reached 5k in 43 minutes. Then I kept doing 5k runs three times a week for a while, my speed increased naturally as my fitness improved. Best to run at a comfortable speed and as long as you do 30 minute runs on week 9, that is enough. After that, it is up to you

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