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Better than expected!

Well it must have been the bit of sun. I went out on my second run of week one and apart from a bit of limping my leg I hope is on the mend. I had to leave it a few days as last time I went I was hobbling around again and thought I'd done more damage. Anyway got thru' the run and found myself putting a workout dvd on when I got back. Where on earth did that come from?? Well earned rest tonight methinks taking it easy...


Oh nearly forgot, a running shop in town has closed down. Really surprised and what a shame. I thought more people were getting off the couch as we keep being told we're getting more obese and running is relatively cheap in regards to other sports. Oh well there you go I suppose. As long as the motivation and support is here on this site, which I can always rely on :))

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Great news, well done! :D Look after that leg though, don't risk further injury by overdoing things. So sad to hear about the closing of a dedicated running shop... I had to travel a couple of towns away to find a good one, and they really are like hen's teeth ... very few around. Hope you managed to get some good stuff before they closed? Suppose once you know good brands/sizes etc you can shop online. Take care anyway. Look forward to hearing about your progress in the weeks ahead. Cheers Linda :)


Thanks Linda, so tempting to push myself but it's not worth it, had too many setbacks! This is my 3rd time on couch25k!

No the running shop just closed no warning, strange, not even a closing down sale.

Hope you're enjoying your running and looking forward to your blogs.

Susie ;)


I'm glad this run went well for you - that rest obviously did you good. It's a shame about the running shop - perhaps it was something else that forced the close, like a family issue or something.

Happy running to you :)


Thanks Anniemurph, casualty of the recession am afraid, there is one nearer to me, but still a shame.

Happy running to you as well!



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