Better than expected

W3R2; didn't think that I would do this easily after the last run, struggled with that one, but persevered. But today went so well and feeling good. Trouble is with me, it's all mind over matter and trying to not think too much about what's going to happen next week. Being 56 year old female, and haven't done any running for 40 years (eek that sounds scary). But I am really looking forward to my next run on Thursday!


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13 Replies

  • Way to go Jax. Just take it as it comes, Laura won't ask you to do anything that you can't. Take it easy and enjoy it.

  • Well done. 'Better than expected' is always good. Hang on in there. Even if it seems tough at times, if you stick with it then your fitness will develop quickly and in a few weeks you will amaze yourself.

  • Sounds as though you're hooked! Well done so far and don't worry about what's to come. Take it slow and steady and Laura will see you through every run until you'll be at week 9 and you'll wonder where the time has gone! I began to realise at about the same time as you that a lot about running is to do with the mind both in motivational terms and once you're out on a run. Get that sorted and you're away, although sometimes it's easier said than done! Let what you've achieved so far give you confidence for the runs ahead and you will do it - good luck!

  • Thanks for your encouragement all of you, I wasn't going to post anything as I really didn't think anyone would say anything. Much appreciated 😊

  • Aw bless you Jax xxx Oh you must keep posting , it really helps in keeping the motivation up and theres a brilliant bunch of folk on here .

    Dont ever be scared of posting here or asking any questions or voicing any concerns you have. Someone will always be along to help. We all started off in exactly the same place , so dont worry about that

    Welcome to the board, youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Well done for getting this far!

    I usually found that run 1 in a week felt tough (because I thought it should)

    Run 2 felt better because I knew I could do it

    Run 3 didn't go as well because I had higher expectations.

    Which made me think that the next run 1 would be terrible... etc.

    A lot of this is mind over matter, so don't worry about what's coming up, just take it nice and steady and you'll be fine. If you've got this far, the programme will get you through the rest, and there's no shame in repeating weeks if you really feel you need to. Don't repeat a week because you're scared of the next one though!

  • Well done! Keep on trusting in Laura, she knows what she's talking about, and I see that she is reeling you in as you're looking forward to your next run :D Happy running :)

  • You see, even the 'bad' days help improve your fitness (...any run is better than no run...) and it sounds as if you are benefitting already. I hope the rest of W3 goes well for you.

  • We are the same age and I hadn't run for at least as long as you ( pro only longer as I was so clumsy at school even the games teachers turned a blind eye to my avoiding pe). I started running 2 years ago Easter, did my first half marathon last year and clocked up 50 Parkruns at Christmas. Like me, your only regret is likely to be that you didn't start years ago! Trust the program, it will be perfect for you. You're right, it IS all a head game. Get that cracked and you are over half way there (and the way the program is structured it will even help you with this!). Enjoy it - the sense of achievement is amazing!

  • Well done! I did W3R2 today also and found it surprisingly ok too. I am very worried about the next few weeks too but just going day by day at the moment. Good luck!

  • Good for you, when you manage to break a barrier with running, it always feels good.

  • Thank you all for your replies, I am a novice at this blogging thing as well as running and will listen to all all sound brilliant at what you've achieved. Thank you. 😊

  • Well done JaxO. I am also new to running, aged 51 and hoping my knees and back will be able to stand it. I have just done week 1 and feeling positive.

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