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I've been popping on and off this site since starting the c25k, reading everyones comments but not having the courage to contribute, so here goes.... I've never ran before but always had a secret passion to be able to. I made excuses to myself for not doing what I wanted, until I came across this site and thought right that's it stop procrastinating and just do it!!!!! So I did. I've tried to fit in 3 runs per week since starting the programme, and its working....I can't believe it I CAN RUN FOR 28 MINUTES!!!!!

Thank you to Laura and to all of you out there with your stories. The encouragement you all give each other is fantastic. xx

Can't wait for my 3rd run in a couple of days!

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That's fab! I've only just joined and I agree, very one is so supportive!


What a dark horse, hiding away and not giving us the chance to wish you all the best, never mind we can do it now. WELL DONE YOU" you will soon be a graduate then you can come and help those who are not yet finished, cos as you know thats what this site is all about. All the very best for your last 4 runs and please don't hide from us any more, share your experiences and knowledge and keep this great site running!!! :)


Thank you for a lovely message . I promise I wont hide anymore and I'll keep you all up to date with my progress.xxxxxxxxxx


Great news to hear from you on the forum... and leaving it so late in your challenge... Hey, WELL DONE you! You have been amazing! The folk on here are wonderful... cheering up when feeling down, smacking our virtual wrist when we use the 'f' word, and celebrating our successes when they occur. So here's my celebration for you...high five! ! ! ! ! ... not long now until you graduate .. terrific :D Linda x


How lovely to indulge a secret passion! ;) Well done with the 28 minutes, and with the blogging too. Keep on running - and knitting! :)


My goodness hiding away your success, you should be shouting to the rooftops, you nearly at the end and a graduate.

Keep up that good work and when the final run comes let us know, don't be shy about telling the world. It feels great doesn't it?


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