Duh, booked the wrong class at the gym, has anyone ever done a 'Body Combat' class?

I've been doing a Combat Aerobics class for about 5 weeks now and love it. Then while I was away in Cuba the new time table came out and they changed a few things. One was my Combat Aerobics which has now become Body Combat, much faster and more strenuous and this dumbo managed to book herself onto it by mistake. Oh my goodness did I have a workout, just hope I haven't done my ankle any harm with all that bouncing around.

Has anyone else ever done one of these classes and if so did you find it hard going?


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10 Replies

  • Blimey! What on earth is that - they both sound very scary and overly energetic! Do you have to wear camouflage? ;)

  • Haha, now thats an idea for a new outfit greeners!!! Combat aerobics is aerobics with punch actions thrown in all to loud upbeat music. Body Combat is high intensity bouncing, ducking and diving around while punching and kicking the air as hard and fast as you can. Boxing, Tai Chi, Karate moves, its designed to work the whole body and my goodness it does just that. I will sleep tonight. The instructor was aware that there were older people in her class and always gave us a lower impact step to revert to, funny thing was though we all go to Zumba and I run too so it wasn't the leg work that we found hard. I was never out of breath, yeh we runners rock :)

  • When I can afford gym membership, I love Body Combat. It's so energetic and a great work out. Yes, I've always found it hard - maybe if I ever go again I'll find it easier after all this running. Bizarrely, the move I found the hardest was holding a kick to the back for 30 seconds without moving. My balance is useless! Enjoy. I am green with envy. :)

  • OMG I've that to look forward to then. Its funny you saying about your balance because a few of the classes I do all have a short balance section in the cool down. My physio has me standing on a folded pillow on my damaged leg for 2 minutes, now thats hard. Then this week she asked me to practice the same with my eyes closed!!!! 15 seconds is my max and thats with a good deal of wobbling.

  • Don't panic! They change the routine quite regularly and they might not bring that particular move back. I'm talking about a class 1.5 years ago. Well, maybe after I've finished my law studies (and have some money to spare) I'll rejoin. I should be fitter by then! LOL!

  • I love Body Combat - it's a super fun and hard workout and yes, they change the routine every 3 months. Depending on the instructor, you might even have sessions that sllightly differ from the official programm so that everyone, including the instructor, don't get bored. I think Body Combat is very good to complement running as you work the whole body out. Did you try the Body Pump as well? I love that one too and usually, instructives give alternative, low impact moves for those who are challenged with knees or balance. You don't have to jump the whole session through! ;) I wish I could afford to go back to the gym again (to be honest, money was one of the reasons why I started running, though I now don't regret it at all and really enjoy my runs!). Have fun!!

  • Those of you who find gym memberships too expensive check out your local university. I joined our local Sports Village which is attached to Aberdeen Uni. because I'm an oldie with a bus pass my membership is very reduced, I pay less than £100 p.a. That gives me access to the gym which is wonderful, all good top of the range equipment and loads of it. All the classes I want to go to and some access to the swimming pool. The pool is very dated and always very hard to get booked into as its small. However the new pool opens mid 2014 which is Olympic size with diving etc.

    Most of the classes are drop in for non members which cost about £3-£4 a time, it may be worth checking to see if your local one does the same.

    I'm looking forward to doing my next Body Combat class haven't tried the Body Pump yet DavD but have done the Combat Aerobics many times and really enjoyed it but realize now it was quite easy compared with B.C.

    Never dreamed at 62 I would be jumping around and punching the air like a lunatic but its a good stress buster for anyone needing to get worries out of their system.

  • I'm pleased I saw this - my local leisure centre is having a "taster class" night next week - free 30 minute classes of a variety of things. I've signed up for Body Combat and something called Reebok Easy Step Toning. If nothing else it'll get me 10km credit on the 5x50 :-)

  • You'll enjoy the Body Combat its very energetic but just take it to the level you are able to do. The Reebox EST is just what it states, an easy step class using Reebox steps, they are adjustable in hight so make sure you set yours at the lowest height the instructor will show you how (Its blocks at each end that can be clipped on different ways to adjust). I don't do step classes as I find it hard on my knees. Enjoy

  • I'm looking forward to it - my usual aerobics instructor is going (as a participant) as well and she'd have told me if they weren't suitable. She's doing Zumba as well though and that doesn't really float my boat - I end up concentrating too much on getting the steps right and don't get much of a workout. I much prefer the old-fashioned moves (think Jane Fonda, late 70s) and doing them properly!

    Thanks for the tips :-)

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