Summer Evening Runs

Hey Folks!

How you all doing? Hope everyone's enjoying the heatwave we are having at the moment.๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž

Which leads me onto my run... OMG How Hot is it in the evenings?! Looks like we are well and truly having an Indian summer.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

So went out for my run last night and within 10 mins wished I had carried a bottle of water (on the shopping list it goes) which sort of set the scene for the run.

It was pretty much a carbon copy from the previous one, so looks like my fitness wasn't that bad. However yesterday for the first time approx 4km into the run I started to get/feel a tingly sensation in the hands. Not sure if this is down to the weather or if it's the 5k distance.

Has anyone else had /felt this before?

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  • Yes! I get it from time to time. Shake them out a bit ๐Ÿ˜Š I lower my arms and run or walk with them hanging loosely by my side for a bit. You can get tense and find you are making a fist

  • Thank you misswobble.. Thought it might be a trip to the doc's again! I'll try that tomorrow if it starts again.

  • It is TOO hot. The sunshine is great but the heat wipes me out. Haven't experienced the tingly hands yet. Sounds like you're getting back into it no problem which is fantastic.

  • Yup agree with you, sunshine is brilliant, natural vitamin D no tabs :-) , but the heat knocks you for a 6. The runs are no probs, however my knees were talking to me today. Think they are not used to taking a 5k pounding.

  • Yes I get tingly hands and as others have said I drop them by my sides for a couple of minutes. Also since I've lost weight I had to tighten my watch strap.

    I find that my wrists expand when running and so loosened it a bit. The tingly feeling goes after a couple of minutes.

    Run went well today . I posted on the week 3 quest. Speed increasing without really trying and did better again today despite going out later about 11 am and weather hotter than I would like. But still making progress.

  • I'm already of the Mo Farah build, but with the "old age waist line" to go with. Having said that I did loose some waist line before and truth be said..... Have to really sort my diet out again.

    Only a few weeks more to go and you will be entering marathons! Keep at it.

  • I'm NOT doctor of Health Professional but the tingles are something I have experience with in another area. What I was told to do by a HP was to eat a Tums to replace whatever the thing is that I now forget which becomes depleted from teh body when you loose to many electrolytes or something. Sorry to be so vague but it might be of some use to you :)

  • As misswobble says.. shake 'em out... I get it too sometimes...:0 The hot.. well.. since France.. this is not too hot for me... but then, I do get out early-ish anyway. Go you!

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