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First post-injury 6K!

Managed a 4k and 2k on Monday and that was only after a long recovery walk in between, so the intention today was to try for a straight 5k+.

Found it tough and stopped checking the Garmin at 4:08k as I knew that I would get hung-up on time/distance so just kept going for as long as I could. Finally checked and was at 5.87 so pushed really hard to make the 6k. Time was 40:54.

There was a very strong wind which made things a bit harder and I made a point of running on grass verges and greens wherever I could, and then over a footbridge, just to make it even more tough!

Still nowhere near my pre-injury times and pace is very erratic, but right now, I just feel that I need to get some miles into my legs. And boy, are they feeling it, but most importantly, calf seems to be fine. :-)

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Well done you!! You will be back up to par in no time; just build it up gradually as you are doing :)



That's great news and a good time for 6k as my time for 5k is 37mins.


well done! I'm particularly impressed that that was also ran off road. It is a lot harder I think!


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