Day 1 tomorrow - in need of some reassurance!

Hi All,

So tomorrow is day 1, I really keen to get going although in true fashion ,I'm thinking of all of the barriers.

I've set my alarm for 5am and I'm not feeling confident about running on the street. Does anyone else run this early? I guess I don't want to look silly and equally feel a bit anxious about safety.

Any thoughts / tips welcome.



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12 Replies

  • Hi, I've run in the mornings a couple of times although not quite as early as you! Given it's your first one why not stay close to home. Perhaps just run round the block or even up and down your street? It might make you feel a little safer. If that's not an option stick to well lit streets. As for looking silly, I'm sure if anyone is up early enough to see you, you'll look more of an inspiration than silly.

    Good luck with day 1.

  • Well done for making the plan. Get out there and give it a go.

    I've run at this time (although I tend to prefer to run later particularly in winter). There are fewer people around to point and laugh at you, and less chance of being accosted by drunks! If you stick to well-lit streets you should be fine. It is useful to have reflective clothing if you are going to run in the dark regularly, as well as a torch/head torch. It can be quite a magical time to run, particularly later in the year when you get to see the sun come up and watch the world come to life around you.

    Fingers crossed that the weather isn't too rubbish. Ignore all those little voices saying you can't do this or you shouldn't do this or you might fail so you shouldn't try. You will be fine. Good luck with your first run - may it be the first of many and an exciting new exercise regime. Come back and tells us how you get on.

  • Hi Zadie , Welcome to the programme and this fantastic forum :-)

    Yes , there are quite a few people on here that run early mornings . I would stick to well lit streets near your home to start off with if you're feeling a little nervous .

    Well done for taking up the challenge , it is a life changer .

    Good luck and please let us know how you went on .

    Go for it ! :-) xxx

  • Very well done. I had the 'intention' for a year before actually doing it. That was a big regret.

    Personally I preferred to do the early weeks on a treadmill and ventured out on the longer runs. But it doesn't really matter. As the saying goes, 'just do it' and follow the programme.

    There will be obstacles, aches etc. Expect that but have the mental strength to perseve and the physical stuff will take case of itself.

  • Thank you all for your kind words! I've really been inspired. I'm going to make this work . I'll keep you all posted! X

  • Never worry about looking silly. Very few people are gazelles that make it look effortless. But I think we all look like people who are making positive efforts in our lives to improve our fitness. We earn our red faces, pouring sweat, awkward running styles and walking breaks.

  • This is very true! Thank you for restoring some hope , positive and realistic thinking! I shall run with pride! 😊

  • Yep, go for it. I also run early. First because I did not wanted to be seen and now because it is fresh and more enjoyable.

  • That's early Zadie. Think I'd just run around the block for now.

  • Zadie anyone who sees you at 5am will be full admiration and assume you are a hardcore runner ! Stick to well lit streets and make sure you are wearing some reflective stuff though.

  • I love the freshness of an early morning run especially when the sun's coming up. With Laura on your podcast you won't hear any comments either!

  • Hiya, I'm an early morning runner and will be out before 6am tomorrow.

    Stick to a safe route, make sure you have some high-viz clothing and/or a headtorch and you should be fine.

    Good luck 🏃x

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