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Back on the horse (just)


My last run was awful, didn't even manage a mile, so I was a bit nervous about today. I gave blood last night and thought that might affect my run, and another disaster like the last one might just take some recovery mentally! Anyway, I went today and it was hard but I managed the 5K just. I nearly gave up at 1 mile then 2 but just kept pushing on for the 3 focusing on just getting to the next junction or the next park or just up this hill then I will stop. I didn't!

I did walk for about 30 seconds around halfway through but managed to persuade myself to get running again, if not for my sake then for the sake of my garmin performance graphs ;-).

Thanks for all the hugs I received after my last blog, I needed them :-)

Someone sent me this as well, I now understand what she was going through, and it shows even the best have really bad runs, and at least we don't all have endless crowds and cameras watching us!!!

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Brilliant! You showed great determination and you beat the demons by carrying on after the walk (and isn't that garmin stats thing a huge motivator..?!). 30secs is nothing. Sometimes taking that little pause is all it needs to settle yourself down and re-focus.



All that minus some of your blood - you did well!


well done! After i gave blood I could barely walk up the stairs afterwards let alone run 5K! - Apparently I am a 'slow bleeder' - My sister swears it because I'm mean. :-)


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