W3: back pain

The week started with the pain in my lower back. It might not have been necessarily related to my running, but I still had to be careful. Day 1 was another park run, and I found it rather difficult, because of the posture I had in attempt to minimise the pain. But also 3-minute runs seemed like a huge jump compared to last week. However, I have managed to finish it, but didn't feel great. I gave it 2 days before attempting my second run, this time on treadmill, as it was easier to control the pace and the impact. And it was bit better, but I was still struggling with 3-minute parts. I gave it another few days, so my last run of the week creeped into week 4 :) as I only managed to do it on Monday; again treadmill to lower the risk. My back felt much better now and I had slow and steady pace. On my last 3-minute run I felt like I really own it this time. Even managed to sprint last 30 seconds (adrenaline, you know).

Observations for this week: it was first time since the start that I was actually struggling with the runs. I can't blame everything on back pain, although it definitely didn't help. I probably need to go even slower for next week to keep up. Week 4 here I am. :)

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  • Poor you. I had a sore lower back for most of 2015, then got referred for a course of acupuncture. I'm a natural sceptic but I did feel much better after it. The other thing that really helped me was my employer providing me with an adjustable standing desk. It's brilliant. My back is so much better because I move and stretch and shift during the day instead of sitting all the time. I don't stand all the time but usually in the morning when I'm doing emails or on the phone. I really recommend one if you sit at a desk or computer.

    Hope the back feels better soon and well done for getting to week 4 :-)

  • That sounds like great idea, will have to look at it.

  • It's impossible to go too slowly on this program and trying to achieve speed will definitely make you hurt more - I know!! Well done for sticking with it but do be careful. I hope the back eases up soon. something to think about - your shoes - do you have the right ones for you. If you haven't already it might be worth having gait analysis done. :-)

  • I normally don't have other issues and my back problem is kind of recurring ailment. But it still might be worth checking my shoes. As I hopefully get fitter and leaner it might just go away.

  • I think it probably will. Also as you run more you will get gradually stronger. Your back muscles get flabby if underused so getting fitter will be of benefit all round ☺ Running and walking more, plus cycling and swimming etc is all good news on the weight loss front, and the less weight you are carrying about will help your back

    Just go nice and steady. Incidentally, treadmill running might be harder on the legs and back than trail running. A woodland trail is much easier on the old bod 😊

    Good luck with the next run

  • Didn't know that about treadmill run.😱

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Thanks for the tip. I'm actually typing this while doing the stretch. 😆

  • Hi I agree with the other posts only other thing I can suggest is put some voltaren gel on when it hurts, it's amazing stuff really helps the pain go away.

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