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iPhone 5


I just got a brand new iPhone 5 today and love it so much I couldnt bare the thought of anything happening to it.... However I don't want to run without a phone but being clusmy I am worried about it...

Does anyone know of any holders that fit an iPhone 5 and work, i would like to strap it to my arm ideally.....

also any good apps for running to recomend? I am on week 9 of Couch2k5 and want to improve my speed on 2 runs a week and work up to a 10k run on my 3rd run a week (as i only really have time once a week to run for 30mins+)

thanks :)

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I use a basic arm holder for my iPhone and it feels really secure


That may help you.

Also, I've downloaded B210k free app for the next step. I don't use Laura's podcast but the free c25k app so I use my own music and also run Nike+ at the same time. It enables you to map distance run and times etc and GPS to see your route.

Personally I'm only just starting week 6 but am already keen to push myself to a 10km goal. Good luck, there are so many speed and running apps that are free. Nike+ and run keeper are just a few.

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