Garmin VS IPhone

I've tried several running apps on my iphone and the GPS fails on me, I've been toying with the idea of getting a garmin and my hand twitched over an eBay listing... I've now got a garmin!!

I ran yesterday with both monitoring, once again my IPhone could not find GPS, Nike + told me that I ran 4.92 miles the Garmin said 4.20 my parter asked me "whats the difference?" the difference to the average pace per mile is 9.46 To 11.16! I'm much slower than I thought! Oh well!


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12 Replies

  • Your Garmin will let you down, but no where near as often :-) love mine

  • I made the exact same change a few months ago. I started to go to my local Parkrun (5km runs) and the Nike+ ap was showing the distance at 5.2km or more. My Garmin 610 shows it between 4.9km to 5km, so it is more accurate. It has a lot more functionality too. But GPS technology is not infalible to we have to accept that the data is not 100% accurate.

  • I was finding it extremely frustrating that my Iphone would not get GPS, let me picks it up and maps it 1 out of 5 runs, the rest it just shows my performance and guesses the rest! I am not hugely penikety about these things but I would expect it to be better than that!! I find the stats beneficial as I can study my progress. One of my Runkeeper runs told me I had done 28 miles, now that was a surprize as I was at the beginning of the programme and I had only actually run for 16 minutes!

  • Gwendolen is prone to exaggeration, especially on current pace. Very flattering but not much help. Does your Garmin do current pace?

  • When I first used the Garmin 610 I went overboard and had 3 screens set up with 4 fields in each. When I was running there was too much information and I couldn't take much of it in. I now run with only 2 pages. The first has 4 fields - avg pace, current pace, distance & time. The second page varies depending on the activity, but only has 2 fields.

    The 610 is great but a bit pricey.

  • Thanks, Aftabs, I think current pace would probably be the single most useful piece of info after time and distance.

  • Current pace, yes, but then you get target pace and pace vs previous run, both very useful tools. If you're thinking of buying wait until the 220/620 are released then you might be able to get the 610 for a bargain.

  • I've got the fancy screen settings on my cycle garmin, yes, too much info first time out, having to flick between to satisfy the nerd in me. Now I have speed, distance, time, pace (can't recall whether that's current or average) and direction (not only a nerd but a map geek).

  • Thanks crox, do you know when that might be ?, said the tight wad.

  • Err, no, but they're advertising them on the site. Trying not to look, they have some tempting features :-(

  • My Garmin 110 only shows average pace but I find that's ok.

  • I have the forerunner 10, I have only used it once, I had time and distance showing but I had accidentally set it to pace, so I kept getting told off for going too slow! I was gob smacked when I downloaded it and saw all the info available.

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