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Start again - Doctors orders!!

Following a recent illness, the doctor's advice was, start again from week 1 and build yourself back up.

I graduated last June, run in the race for life and continued running approx twice a week until i was taken ill. :(

So thats what I am now doing, i'm back ;) and will be running week 3 run 2 tomorrow, not only that I have signed upto the team 5 x 50 to improve my fitness.( will run as per Lauras instructions then walk until a total of 5K has been achieved)

I have found the runs easier this time round so hopefully i will be able to progress through the program.Still dreading the week 5 run 3 though!!

To all you new C25Kers, keep going, the program really does work, and hopefully it wont be long before we are all running 30 minutes!! :)

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Good to see you back icandothis!


Welcome back! You will be fine and running 30 mins in no time :) Welcome to the 5x50 team too!!



Welcome back to you it's not too bad restarting I did the same had twelve weeks off and went back to w5 I was surprised that I hadn't lost too much stamina but just go easy and btw it's great to be back x


Welcome back! You're very sensible and I'm sure you'll be back running much sooner than the first time round. Lovely that you're doing 5x50 as well - all the best :)


It's great to hear from you! And great that you've joined the team :)


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