After a week off, W6 complete

Having had a niggle to the outside of my knee (a ligament?) I took a week off to let it settle. The wait was driving me mad ..... wasn't quite sure whether to rest it for longer or to keep working through it. Didn't want to lose the good work up to this point and it's still not 100% but just completed W6R3 without any difficulty. Glad that one's over! Bring on W7!

4 Replies

  • Oh, well done for waiting. That's really hard to do, and it's difficult to know whether to work through it or rest it. Sounds like you made the right decision - well done for completing Week 6 Run 3 and roll on Week 7 :)

  • Thanks for the encouragement - it really does help !

  • Thats really inspired me as I have W6 run 3 on Thurs and I am dreading it...well done!!

  • I look forward to seeing your post that you blasted W6R3! :)

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