Week Run 3 - what a surprise!

Thank you Laura. Completed Wk5 R3 on Friday night. Must admit to being nervous before going out the door but I don't know how the plan works - but it certainly does. Ok it wasn't a fast run ( but Laura does say a light jog) but I kept going for the whole 20 minutes without stopping. Really proud of myself - at 52 and never run before in my life until I started Couch to 5 K. Actually did very little exercise at all.So if I can do it - anyone can! Thanks to my daughter who is acting as my running buddy and at nearly 30 years younger than me can certainly go a lot faster - but keeps me in sight and gives me encouragement when she can see I am flagging. Bought myself some proper running trainers and they certainly helped - especially with the knee pain I was getting in the first few weeks. Thanks to everyone on the forum - your posts & questions are always interesting & useful. I hope I can encourage anyone who is struggling in the first few weeks to keep going and power through. The results speak for themselves!

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  • That's a great run to get under your belt, well done! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself, and you definitely should feel proud x

  • Congratulations Daisy! That's a great achievement and testament to your determination as well as the plan. I was petrified when i realized my next run is supposed to be 20m solid-i was planning on doing the 2x 8m a few more times but maybe i should just go for it !

  • Well done on completing W5R3 - it is quite tough so always an achievement. Good luck with W6. Best wishes.

  • Very well done indeed xxx

  • W5r3 is my next run (did w5r2 today) and I am really apprehensive about it! So is great to read that others have felt the same, very encouraging. Best of luck to you!

  • Well done! I also felt greta after completing W5R3 - it proved me that I can do it!

    Good luck

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