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6.1 Was worried by previous blogs, but shouldn't have been :)

Blooming cold air out there again today! Thermals on, extra puffs of inhaler, and decided to run minus glasses so that buff could keep my inhaled air warm ... When I wear gigs and buff together, my exhaled air mists the lenses so I run blind anyway LOL!

Decided that I wouldn't fall foul of Laura's sneaky little walks ... like so many of you, after completing the first 20 of last week, I had thought that breaks of walking would mess up my rhythm (yeah rite ;) )

Mind-over-matter strategy worked perfectly! Found a kind of peace in blurry visioned, cold air, approached each section with an, 'ok, what do you want now? I can do this' nah nah na na nah .... And did it!

Onwards and upwards .... We over 60s can crack this :D X

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Brilliant mind work! You've cracked this game... :)

I have the glasses and buff issue too - annoying! I've found I can breath through my mouth through the buff, and that doesn't mist my glasses up, or breathe through my nose over the top, so I do a mixture of the two, which more or less works. But I don't have the asthma complication.


Love the "nah nah na na nah" attitude! Will bear it in mind for future use. Well done. :D


Absolutely perfect attitude. Well done. :-)


Great strategy! You see, wisdom comes with age! ;) well done and yes bloomin cold is right........April????!! Feels like November :(



You are just ahead of me and hold a similar running attitude so it's nice to see how your cope the with the runs I am due to do. Good on ya for being so positive. I'm hoping to follow suite. W5r3 done. Even my husband commented how proud he was (usually I'd take this as a patronising line but he was sincere).

I look forward to the next blog


Go for it Twedders ... My husband is stingey with positive comments too - quick enough to tell me if I put on a pound or two though! :( I confess to enjoying this programme now but accept that there may still be some difficult runs ahead... I'm realistic/pragmatic and as I approach retirement, I am getting doubly determined to get and stay fitter for the years ahead! We can do this ;) and I'm already contemplating the next stages ... Keep blogging, I will ... and I'll see you at graduation and we'll plot the next challenge onwards and upwards :D Linda X


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