Running in the buff?

Haha! I knew that title would get your attention...

Has anyone tried running with a buff or scarf or other sort of mask over their mouths?

I have cold-induced and exercise-induced asthma or bronchospasm and I see various recommendations online that it's a good idea to wear a buff over your mouth in cold weather.

I just wondered what it would feel like, and if anyone here has tried it? Doesn't it just feel that you are getting even less air in because there is now this piece of fabric in the way? Does it not get damp and sweaty?


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12 Replies

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  • It steams up your glasses or sunnies if you are wearing them!!

  • Don't know Anne, but I want one for xmas..will be interested to see what people say.๐Ÿ˜„

  • Hi I have cold-induced asthma too and a buff over the nose and mouth works a treat by warming the air before it reaches the lungs. It does steam up your specs though if you're not careful. Good luck :)

  • I was recommended on here to try is as I also have cold-induced asthma. I find that I wear it when I start running, but if I get too hot I take it down. I sometimes put it back up again later once my face has cooled down. It certainly works for me, so is worth trying :)

  • Ah funny you ask that I think we are all talking about the same thing!! I didn't know it was called a buff I thought it was a snood ok probably called that years ago๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚anyway if it's what I have its fleece lined half the inside & you have a layer you can pull up over your mouth or right over like a hat!( o this is sounding weird!!) you usually buy them in outdoor stores millets etc!! Well I wear mine & I love it & did try it over my mouth it was ok but I preferred it just over my chin! Funnily this last two runs I did I was a bit wheezy after the run but I put it down to the really cold air as really frosty up here๐Ÿ˜ฑ. I like mine as really keeps my neck warm without the bulkiness of a scarf! Well worth a try! Hope you can make sense of this....๐Ÿ˜Šx

  • I love my buffs. I miss them when the weather gets warmer. I haven't got an "original" one but mine work just as well. I find they just keep me warm. In the cold months I can be seen running in a short sleeved running shirt wiuth a buff and somehow the buff keeps me warm. I can pull it up when needed, in my mind its a cold running essential. I hope it keeps your exercise induced asthma at bay.

  • Buffs are awesome and so versatile you can use them year round for different purposes. The non fleece lined ones are best for running and as already noted in comments above yes they work brilliantly to filter the cold air when popped up over your nose and mouth.

  • Beware. Buffs are psychologically addictive (I have 5 or 6, plan on buying a cheapy non-original for my Christmas stocking, and have another on my wishlist that I am hoping someone buys for me, and I still borrow those of other family members)

  • Thanks folks. I'm certainly convinced enough now to give it a go!

    Still womanfully battling Anneflu though but as soon as I'm back...

  • Me.. I run with my Buff.. the lovely Ullyrunner told me about them last year... they are lightweight and brilliant... mine does not steam my glasses up though :)

    I have three... two were presents.. one slightly thicker for really cold days.. they helped my breathing enormously.. and stopping raindrops from dripping down my neck!

    They are so light, that your breathing is very natural and does not feel constricted in anyway. I would hate that!

  • Another vote here for buffs! I have an original one and love it, it helps my asthma no end whatever the weather. Plus, if you get too hot or your breathing eases then just take it off and wind around your wrist to wipe your forehead with! Terrific purchase, you won't regret it!

  • I have one, haven't used it much but when I did it worked well, warming the air before it hits your lungs, it is also good when running in a strong wind, stops the wind taking your breath away.

    I have also a pair of elbow to wrist sleeves which I haven't gotten around to wearing )oh the guilty pleasures of my little store of running cloths and gadgets, most unused!! which my OH must never find out about, otherwise she'll be sending for the men in white coats.

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