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Home Run

After the initial euphoria of graduation things cooled off for me with running. A minor injury or 2 and various weather events have impacted on my ability to get out the door.

I have however kept going and ticked off a few goals so 10k done, First 10k race entered (May) and a 60% age grade at my last parkrun.

Today was a revelation though, visiting my parents I took my trainers with me and had a run on the beach and foreshore over the route of my old school cross country.

A good 6 miler was enough to exorcise the ghost of running past and give me a boost for the rest of the day.

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Brilliant walney! Its great to tick those goals off of the list; I am still ticking away! ;)



It is good, but things can be a little up and down! Especially if like me you see a palteau as a set back. Still, onward and upward!


OMG walney masochistic comes to mind 'old school cross country'!!!! Mine just about killed me in those days, heavens only knows what it would do to me now. I to this day still don't understand why they made us 'young ladies' do such a thing. Joking aside, well done on your achievments to date and all the best of luck for your first 10K race next month. :)


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