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I did C25K nearly 3 years ago, a totally life-transforming experience. I was running up to 10k, in hilly Richmond where I live, lost weight etc. Then I got a job which involves irregular and long hours, late nights, etc. My running slipped, but I kept going although I was tired and not able to get out for runs on my usual days.

Last winter, I had 8 colds, the weather was always crummy when it was a running day, and my teenage son was causing lots of problems with major stroppiness mainly directed against me, refusing school etc. The last straw was when I went out for a run to get some space, it started snowing and I arrived home soaked and cold to discover he'd locked me out!!!!! Deliberately! Mu husband was away overseas for 2 weeks for work and it wasn't a good period of my life. Not surprisingly, I didn't go running again for a while.

Now things are quite a bit better I have started running again. Because my fitness level has plummeted I have started C25K again and am now on week 2 run 3. It's great doing the programme again because this time I KNOW I can do it, which was not a certainty the first time. The Spring is advancing and it's lovely to be out running in the woods again. The running gives me some 'me' time and helps de-stress and clear my head. Teenage son is doing his GCSEs at the moment so stress continues to be high!

So - I feel I've come home! Hopefully soon I'll be back to longer runs and can do Parkrun etc.

Love running.

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Oh wow, that sounds like things were tough, and it's no wonder that you had to let slip whatever could slip, even if it was something as good for yourself as running. It's very reassuring to hear that things are better now and that you're ready to start again.

Please let us know how you're getting on. I will definitely be cheering for you :)


Thanks! I really love this community, couldn't have done C25K without it!


Sounds like you need you time ☺




Ah, thank you, you're all lovely!


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