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W3R2 - all good

Was ready today and out the door before Laura said off you go. I'm on to you now :)

Completed the run without any difficulty although I had to double back a couple of times as my route didn't quite fit to the time schedule.

Think I know why the 90 seconds seemed worse than the 3 minutes last time out. Think with the 90 seconds I'm expecting it be over really quickly and easily when compared with the 3 minute sections. With the three minute sections, you expect it to go on forever. But with Laura telling me I'm half way and then only a minute to go that makes the 3 minute sections fly by.

Only issues today were having to stop for a car - blooming nuisance - and to tie my shoelace up.

Otherwise all good. Looking forward to my first run in the evening in the day light on Tuesday.

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Ha ha! The 90s/3min thing just goes to show how much of it is in the mind (far more than we imagine!) Now you can trip up gremlins before they get to you. :) Keep running!


Good analysis, Pam. We all start out thinking it'll be a matter of lungs,heart,legs... but it's also surprisingly tough on the old brain!

Enjoy the British Summertime! 8-)


Route too short, cars getting in the way, shoe laces coming undone, oh my! But you did it anyway, nicely done. :) Try tying your laces in a double-knot, that's what I do.


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