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No more cheating....back to the programme and day 1 of 5x50 :)

W6R2 and 3 done!! After thinking I could go off track a bit and get ahead of myself, I swiftly went back to the programme and everything has gone fine.

Thursday I did run 2 and it was actually good to have the walk in the middle. I had a hard week at work and I was feeling pretty tired so this helped me to finish without having to stop, which I did feel like doing.

I then had 2 days off because of work and had to do run 3 this morning :( I hate running in the morning but with family commitments today I didn't have a choice, and surprisingly it went really well. My running and breathing were almost perfect and I had energy to do the last minute at a higher tempo :)

The other good thing about today is that the 5x50 challenge has started and I have been able to put 35 minutes of exercise on my page....yipee :) I am looking forward to this week with all that I have planned for my exercise challange and also week 7 of C25K. Good luck to all you lovely people in the NHS C25K team and I look forward to hearing how you are doing 8-)

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Woo hoo! Bring on week7!! Good to start the challenge too isn't it? 49 days to go....... ;)



Glad week 6 is done and dusted. :) Hope you enjoy week 1 of the challenge and don't run out of energy! :D


Welcome to week 7 and the challenge! :-) Gayle


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