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1 year in and LOVED all the good changes to my body. Still injured so trying not to panic!

I started this programme on 2 May 2013 and after a slow start when I really did not enjoy the running much at all, indeed I questioned whether this runners high was just an urban myth! I can truthfully say that the many improvements that I began to feel are so worthwhile. My blood sugar control was excellent, I lost a small amount of weight and went down a dress size. All good stuff!

I have not been able to run for 4 weeks now. My GP tells me not to do any running until I am totally pain free or I may risk the Achilles tendon breaking, which would then require surgery. He kept apologising for keeping coming back to the old adage that I am no longer 21 and will take a lot longer to heal. (Funny that - I'm still only 21 in my head :) )

This morning my blood sugar was the highest it's EVER been, I have gained 2kg and I'm feeling really fed up.

Today I started to do the 'Fast exercise' routine indoors using my bike up on the stand. You do a warm up and then 3 sets of 20 seconds flat out then one minute slower cycling to recover. It sounds too good to be true but I certainly know I've done it when I stop. Has anyone else tried this type of exercise, if so did it work for you? I am also starting the 5:2 fast diet today, which my son did very well with and he shed 3 stone.

At the end of the day it is up to us to take responsibility for our health as best we can.

I just hope this regime will help to maintain the fitness I have achieved through C25K.

One can only try! :)


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Sorry to hear about your forced rest from running , I know how you feel . I had Achilles problem had to stop for 9!wks just got back on to wk 7 & got hip soreness on Friday had to stop mid run , think it's on the mend now but it's horrible I know , when you can't get out there . I haven't heard of the fast training so can't comment but as long as your enjoying it & it keeps up the fitness that's good . I lost mine in the 9 wk but I didn't do anything because I couldn't . Good luck & here's wishing you a speedy return to running .


Thank you Rockette,

It's interesting that you say you then had a sore hip. I felt soreness on the outside of my hip too. I think that the tendon starts all the way up there!

I am hoping to do a colour run on 20 July so that's a bummer. Still - I could always walk it I suppose!


I know but we have to keep trying & don't let our age get in the way lol I love Running so much now & hate getting all these injuries , my docs like yours , he says you have to remember we're not as young as we where ! Bless him he's my age I think lol


Well done for keeping a positive outlook Beek, I haven't done the cycle thing either but it sounds a bit like 'spinning' and lots of people say that is a good cardio-vascular work out. Hope your Achilles feels better soon!


Thank you notbad,

Yes, the cycling is a bit like spinning and even though it doesn't last long you really do know you've done it! Here's the link:



well done for your perserverance...and I so agree with you, its about taking control of our bodies which goes a long way to improving our general health....and good luck with the diet!!!


Thanks juju! yes, the running is so empowering - which I was not expecting - I must work hard with the diet side and not allow the weight to creep up!

Good luck to you with your journey! :)


We must have started this journey on the same day last year - C25K twins :) ! How about a little virtual birthday party to celebrate?! I know you've been and are out and injured and it must be SO frustrating, but it's a year since a very positive change in our lives :)

Now you know you CAN run (injuries permitting), you KNOW you can work your way through any fitness challenge you set yourself. Well done for such a positive outlook. Hope the diet goes well, and as for that fast exercise... hats off to you. I think I'd fall off, even though I know the bike's not actually moving ;)


Oh, I didn't know that! Actually I am already a twin. I have a brother and you would be amazed how many people ask me if we are identical. I usually say 'No - he has a beard' and they look sheepish :) . When our mother took us out as babies people used to ask how she told us apart and she used to say 'Well the boy has brown eyes and the girl has blue'!! People are so funny! :)

To get back to C25K, it took me ages to start to enjoy the running but I am delighted with the positive results so I will be good, keep off the legs for now, and look forward to getting out again asap.

About the bike - I DO fall off a lot on the road! That's why it's better for me to do it on the stand indoors. I just hope it works re weight and blood sugars. It's not going to do any harm if it doesn't.

Good luck on your journey and I shall keep looking out for you!


I just love your mum's answer. I wonder how long it took people to work out what they'd asked ;) !!


Sorry that you are still out of action. It must be so frustrating and annoying. I can't offer any information about fast exercise on a stationary bike but I can tell you that, at the beginning of last year I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and told to lose weight and get exercise. There was still snow on the groun at the time so I bought an exercise bike (static) and began using it for 5 minutes per day, building up week by week by about 5 minutes until I was doing 20 minutes a day. I was doing Pilates style exercises as well. I was also on a healthy eating plan. I lost about 2 stones and really got toned up. The exercise bike had done its job and I now use a normal bike for local transport - saves petrol. I managed to reverse the pre-diabetes as well. So, I can certainly recommend cycling (of almost any sort) for a fairly good cardio workout. Hope you are fit to run again soon. Good luck and best wishes.


Hi Fitmo,

The advice with T2 diabetes is to keep active. Also stick to a low carb diet. It is my ambition to reverse it and in time I hope I do. I only started exercising a year ago and wish I'd started much much sooner. But you know how it is - long working hours followed by long commute and the time is never there to do enough of the right thing. Hopefully sites like this will help to spread the message by sharing our experiences.

Good luck to you too and thank you for the advice about the bike!


In my case it was pre-diabetes (or insulin resistance, as they call it). I am well clued up on nutrition (qualified weight consultant and just about to do final exams in basic nutrition - to include vegetarian and vegan nutrition) so I was already aware about the low carb part of it. Interestingly, even as a child, I wasn't keen on carbs - I'd eat the filling in a sandwich and chuck most of the bread away! I was surprised, therefore, when the nurse at the diabetic clinic told me to eat lots of starchy food. I looked at her with one eyebrow raised and said "For high blood sugars?". I pointed out that starchy foods are made up of sugar molecules which are converted to glucose very quickly and will send the blood sugars through the roof. Nonetheless, I did get on very well with her, she was a lovely person, but it does seem that Diabetes UK are now recommending that starchy foods are the order of the day! Not for me thanks. Dr John Briffa has some interesting articles on his blog about this sort of thing.


I have read his book and he makes some interesting points. Another one is Robert Lustig - he of Sugar is a Poison infamy!

One odd thing though, I have never in my life felt full after eating. Now after running I do. Great result! (and my greatest worry that I will loose the benefit very quickly by not running.)

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Sorry to hear another C25ker is out of action. I hope it's short term and that you'll soon be up and running

Hang in there Beek!


Thank you misswobble! At least I've had a taste of how much we can improve our well being and that will make it easier to get back into it when the time is right.

Good luck to you for your journey! :)


Happy running birthday Sorry you are not able to run just now but good for you by trying something else to keep fitness up Listen to your dr and your body and hopefully be back running injury free


Thank you Fitfor60. I just need to be patient and sensible and all will work out fine. Having experienced the great feelings I am sure it should be easier to keep on track!


Hi Beek 3 years ago I was on a weight loss program and was stuck on the dreaded plateau and had been for about 6 weeks. I started what I termed as HIIT or my version of high intensive interval training while running and swimming. The swimming after warm up swim of 10 lengths, one length front crawl as fast as I could and breast stroke recovery for 2 lengths, then repeated 6-8 times, finished off with 10 lengths steady swim. The same system using lamp posts when running. I lost 8lbs in 5 weeks and got to my target weight. Intervals are great for weight loss and building stamina and are used by many athletes and footballers so if its good enough for them its good enough for us I would say. Just listen to your body and pay great attention to your injured leg just to be safe. Good luck. :)


Hello again Oldgirl! I will stick at it using the cycling HIIT because there is very little else open to me. Like you say, listen to my body - it's going urgh, argh, ouch! But I will NOT let it beat me! :) :) :)


Hi Beek ,I'm a bit late catching up with everything as I've been away- but happy belated birthday anyway ! Sorry you've not been able to run for a few weeks,hope are able to start up again soon.

Well done on starting the fast exercise cycling though,that should help your fitness .

Good luck with the 5:2 .I have only good things to say about it and I really hope this works for you too.I found its the easiest regime to stick with and that ,plus running ( which you will hopefully be doing again soon) for me has been the perfect combo for losing and keeping the weight off...feels like I've discovered the Holy Grail :)


Happy 1 st anniversary! I don't think there is a danger of you losing the benefits you have noticed. I have heard positive things about both the 5:2 and the fast biking exercise. Listen to your body though, if the fast HIt cycling doesn't feel right go slower in a higher gear or a lower gear. Take care and happy cycling :)


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