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Once again a runner :-)

Went out for the 3rd run of week 6 last night and had a huge grin on my face at the end when Laura told me I was officially a runner :-D

This is the second time I've done the program, had to stop last time on the 3rd run of week 8 due to injury so taking it a bit easier this time. So glad I'm back out running again though, I've missed it the past year while my knee recovered. Hopefully this time I'll manage to graduate injury free :-P

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Well done! So far I haven't had an injury, ( figures crossed and touching wood etc) I think the slow and easy is good. Not that I ever found it easy. This programme seems to work. Take care, but take it.


Twice for emphasis I believe! And a third....yes you are a runner! :)

Glad you are back at it and your knee is better; it's hard to get back after injury but here you are and doing great! Take care and look forward to seeing you pass the finishing line :)



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