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Your top tips

What is your best tip or tips that helped you through the program?

A couple of things that helped me were.

After the first few weeks, I ran just a little bit further on each run. I found that the next week never seemed such a jump. I know this is more of a mental thing. Nearly every run my head still tells me to stop when I don’t need to. I have learnt to ignore the voices (most of the time).

Get the proper clothing that keeps you warm, dry, cool or whatever. If you feel comfortable when you go out you will probably stay out.

I am sure there are better tips but it’s a start.

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Sorry folks tried to post in normal blog as somebody said it can not be read by non graduates here. Don't know if it is my iPad but can't .


Did it sorry all?


This is a smashing blog and I'm sure loads of interesting tips will surface from it.

My tips to new comers is:- Don't be tempted to run too far too soon, you could end up with an injury or in loads of pain. Once you get to the longer runs i.e. week 7 onwards, don't go too fast too soon, get into a comfortable stride, relax and if you have the energy you can speed up at the end. This is not a race and if it takes more than 9 weeks don't worry about it, just enjoy yourself. :)


Here's mine - if it's cold or raining, and you're not sure whether you want to go out, make yourself get ready, put your kit and your trainers on, then decide. Chances are, by the time you get that far you'll do it! :-)


Dress in layers during the winter so you can remove as needed as you run.

Eat/drink intentionally the day of your run.

Nothing as too slow when your just starting out.

Only compare yourself to you...we are all different sizes, shapes, ages and fitness level.

Great blog!!! :-) Gayle


The wise ones on here told me 'you didn't fail your run, it's just not completed yet'

So my tip would be don't beat yourself up if it doesn't go to plan, just try again with a new frame of mind.

Take it slowly and trust in the program.


The hardest thing is getting out the front door, so the night before a run out everything in a pile next to your bed (shoes, undies, clothes, iPod!) then it is there for you to just get up an go, before you have had a chance to think to change your mind!


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