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Top tips

Just wondering what your top 5 c25k tips would be for newbees or current runners.

Mines are:

1. Tomorrow never comes. If you decide to start c25k start now, right now! There is no reason to wait.

2. When running don't make tight fists with your hands. I was very guilty of doing this, and find it a much more pleasant experience keeping your hands open.

3. If you think you run funny - nobody cares. It doesn't matter. The important thing is that you are doing it.

4. On the day of your run, eat 2hrs before your run & drink plenty of water.

5. There are only two things that can defeat you on your run - your mind or your bladder. So, go pee before your run and always think about what you will do, and not what you think you can't.

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Very good tips! I would just add:

6) Trust Laura! Listen to her and she will get you through.

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A couple more:

7) Two hours before your run (or previous evening) track down all of your kit... socks, running top, tights/capris/shorts/joggers etc, and put them in a convenient place with your headphones and other bits and pieces. I can't imagine how many runs I did not do because I couldn't find my lucky socks.

8) Don't be nervous about who is going to see you out running. Remember, there are only 2 types of people... runners (they will be pleased to see you outside) and non-runners (they will be envious that you are outside running). No-one is thinking "oooh look at the new runner".


I'm conscious that people think I'm a chav in my running gear and nike trainers, and that I'm judged because im a big girl, running, everything wobbling everywhere! Lol.


On the contrary I think people have the greatest of respect for bigger runners. Run proud and remember that 'Thisgirlcan'.


Thank you! That is true, I'm hoping this is the end of being bigger though lol.

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Well if it helps, there are a couple of larger ladies who now run past the end of my road regularly. When I see them, my only thoughts are "I wonder what week of C25K they are on?" and "Good on you, girls".

Other chaps will be along here soon, but I reckon wobbles = wonderful.

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I'm glad you think like that, I'm sure there are unsavoury sorts around the park that dont think that way 😃


I worked on the desk of a leisure centre a good few years ago. I had a once bigger girl come in most mornings - the change she acheived was amazing. I had so much more respect for her and those like her than any of the bulky roid-rage ego-maniachs that were the body builders... Now we judged them!

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That's definately good to know, we all have to start our fitness regime somewhere lol.


1. w1r1 is the most difficult run. It's downhill all the way from there - metaphorically of course.

2, when you want to stop, just ask yourself - can you breath ok? Does anything hurt? If the answer to these is yes and no, there is no good reason to give up - keep running.

3. slow down

4. get a gait analysis and proper running shoes - this is probably the most expensive outlay - but worth it.

5. If you are anything like me - enjoy shopping for running kit, clothes and tech

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There is a very nice post pinned here somewhere on advice to newbies, you could add this to that...mine is keep your head up.

Love your tags!


You never 'fail' a run. You succeed every time you step out that door. If you don't do all the runs Laura tells you - no harm done just do it again.

Also have an easy route in your back pocket for days you need a break or for runs following a bad run. They are great for the self confidence and reminding yourself that you CAN do this.


Always double knot your laces, if they still slip, run the lace over a bar of bees wax.

Tuck your headphone cable behind your neck not to the front

Tuck a hanky in your jacket pocket

No excuses

Say hello to other runners

Don't be put off by elderly people who encourage you to "keep going" or is it just me they are singling out?

Get some music you love on a playlist

Don't sing along unless you are sure you are alone

Challenge yourself

Do not let doubt in

You can only run one "run" at a time, don't panic if you've entered an event, find and follow a plan, doing one day at a time. No need to worry (says me, having panicked my way throu a few weeks on my marathon plan)


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