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Week 5 run 1 done (after snow stopped play for 1 week)

Have just got back from week 5 run1. Was a bit worried that I would really (& I mean really) struggle after having a week off running due to the he snow drifts here. Well I did it and whilst it wasn't a walk in the park my time was much quicker than any previous run. :D

I took the dog this week - won't be doing that again for a while for 2 reasons 1. She kept wanting to sniff things and b. she showed me up - whilst I was puffing and panting she barely broke into a jog!! ;)

This week I set off armed with new running equipment. I bought some running shoes (the ones I used before were walking trainers - didn't know there were such things). I had gait analysis done which helped narrow the choice of shoes. What a dilemma - so many shoes to choose from. It was strange but nice running in shoes where you can feel the air getting to your toes and feet. :)

I also bought some compression socks (thanks Julie). The new kit has made a difference - instead of my lower calves and achilles aching it was the turn of my thighs and buttocks - reassuring to know the bigger muscles are contributing (thought they'd gone on strike).

Thanks for everyone's blogs - it helps to keep me going. Roll on Monday and run 2 - feel a bit more positive although anxious as usual with any increase in running time. Wish me luck. :D

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You are doing good. :-)

As for the dog showing you up, well she has 4 legs you only have two. :-)

Best of luck with the next run.


Well done. Half way through the next run and you're half way through the programme. I've got this run tomorrow which is also my first day of 5x50. I'm staying at my mums so have been trying to decide a route and what time of day to go out. Really hoping the kids sleep tonight as I was shattered for wk4r3 and v slow. A bit nervous!


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