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First outside run well more like a short trot

I have so much respect for all of you guys who run outside it is sooooooo much harder. Today should have been my day off after running my 20 mins yesterday but I was all fired up and decided hey let's go for a little run just from my house down to to the beach (baby steps I thought) not even run back up lol I got picked up. Well I did it but legs were like lead aching so much and breathing was a tad more laboured than indoors and had taken a shot of inhaler before I left. It was a very short run maybe took me all of eight mins god am ashamed even to admit that well it back to treadmill tomorrow week six run 1 hope I can do it has knocked my confidence a bit.

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Don't let that put you off running outside, you just need to do it more and then you won't want to run inside. LOL

Good luck with week6. :-)


Running outside has so many more variables than running on the treadmill - different incline, wind resistance, sometimes inconsistent pacing. Nothing wrong with any of that, but it makes for a different experience. Before I started running outside, I added a 1% incline and that helped gear me up for running on different terrain. Isn't it more interesting, though? I never thought I'd be able to run outside and now I love it!


You said it yourself..."should have been my day off"... especially after the milestone 20 minute run! So 8 mins was good! Make sure you get plenty of rest now!!!

What sergeant-tibbs above says about all the variables is so true. 8-)


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