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Couch to 5K
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Where to start?

Hi, just discovered the couch to 5k program. I've been following another plan I found on the Internet for 3 weeks. 3 x 6 mins walk and 1 min jog for 1st week, 3 x 5 mins walk and 2 min jog for 2nd and 4 x 3 mins walk and 4 mins jog for 3rd. Its a pain because i have to keep looking at my watch rather than concentrating on the run. Based on this, where should I be joining the program?

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Well done for getting to week 3 on the other plan! I know what you mean about looking at your watch constantly though - I don't like that either. I would suggest you start from the beginning, and maybe fast track through if you're finding it too easy, maybe try week 1's runs, then week 2 on the next time out, then week 3 perhaps? Good luck!


I'd try for week 3, as you're already running for consistent periods.

Week 3 has you doing two repetitions of *90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes running, 3 minutes walking*. The main difference will be the shorter "rests" between runs.

If it's too much, slip back to week 2. :-)


I'd agree with tubontherun - start from week 1, but fast track through if you find it too easy till you find the right week to pick it up properly. There's nothing worse than knocking your confidence by starting too high.

Whatever you decide, enjoy the programme and keep chicking in here - this forum's AMAZING for support and advice :-)


I've just done the same as you - been running on the Jeff Galloway programme and then discovered the C25K. Given that we aren't competing against anyone - just trying to improve our own fitness - what does it really matter where we start?

I have built up to 50+ minutes run/walk/run under the Gaolloway regime, but I decided to give the C25K week one run a go just to get the hang of a podcast. What I discovered was that my pace under the new scheme is faster, more consistent and steadily progressing. The discipline and tempo introduced by the podcast are already encouraging me to stretch myself more.

If nothing else, follow tubontherun's advice and give week one a go - see how you feel but keep the objectives of the programme in mind - after 9 weeks to be able to run continuously for 30 minutes or for 5km.

I look forward to hearing of your progress - it might just keep me on my toes too!




Thanks for your advice everyone. I have run comfortably all week with 3mins walk and 4 mins running with 4 repetitions so think I'm going to try Week 3. I'm absolutely loving being out running at the moment and can't believe how much better I feel even after 3 weeks. The thought of being able to run for 30 mins at the end of this programme is really exciting me. I will get there.


Just done a week 3 run and think I will move up to week 4. Managed the distance and walks without any problem and was a bit disappointed at the end as I had a lot left in the locker.


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