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Reminder to myself

Reminded myself today that I can actually run for 30 mins (well slow jog) and I really needed that. It felt good 😊

I've been struggling I think because I was worrying about pace and after reading recent posts on here it reminded me that's not important. Now I have to continue reminding myself of that and carry on the 30 min runs 3 X a week 👍

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Yes - 30 mins is still a great achievement! I think you graduated just before me and I'm still trying to get out for 3 30 minute runs a week. Sometimes I listen to Laura's week 9 podcast and she tells me I've done really well, and that's always a boost!

Getting out for those runs is a struggle some weeks (and it's not even dark yet!) One thing that has encouraged me is the weight I'm losing now I'm doing the longer runs. I'm not overweight, but losing a few pounds and toning the middle age spread feels so good!

I've really enjoyed the 5k+ speed session and yesterday I downloaded some music from audiofuel. Will let you know how that goes!

We've got to keep going Slinkyminky -don't want to return to the couch! Xx


Noooo definitely don't want to return to the couch. We've come too far for that!

Before today I was worried I wouldn't be able to run for 30 mins as its been a few weeks since I last did it. (Have been doing 20 min runs and some run/walks). Today felt so much better and sooo glad I did it. I need to stop worrying about speed and concentrate on running for 30 X 3 a week.

23lb lost since I started C25k and plenty more to lose yet so no going backwards now, must move forwards 😉

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23lbs?! Amazing - good for you!


Hi Slinkyminky, I know exactly how you are feeling. I'm a new graduate and there seems to be this bit of limbo time whilst we adjust to what's next. Take care and keeping at it is the important thing. 😀🌟😀🌟


Definitely keeping at it is the most important thing, we've come too far to go back now.

Just felt a bit lost at times without the structure of the program, but must remember how far I've come and how a few months ago I was out of breath walking up the stairs! Now I can run for 30 mins! 😆


It absolutely isn't important. Slow is the best way forward as it buys time, helps maintain breathing, prevents injury ànd ensures you finish, which is the name of the game. Slow running builds strong legs


Well done, Slinky! You're still out there getting fitter and healthier, that's the important thing!


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