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We did it - R3 W6 - Laura says we're runners

We still don't look like runners and certainly didn't feel like runners when we finished our 25 minute run earlier today, but we actually made it. I am so proud of us. That's a month and a half of exercising three times a week. Thank you all for your tips earlier. We've just got to keep going now. But hearing you all post about your successes is hugely encouraging.

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Well done to the 2 of you! :-) Read your earlier blog just a short while ago and so have been waiting to see this one appear. You did it!

Happy Easter. :-)


Lovely! Well done both of you. :)


Many congratulations. Now chill out for a couple of days and have a wonderful Easter whilst plotting your run down to graduation. Have fun. :D


Brilliant! I knew you would be fine :) Isnt it just lovely when you hear Laura say you are a runner?! Such a proud moment for you both!

Happy Easter!



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