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After 7 days off - WK7R2 Done!

Well, I took a big break - and after much encouragement from all of the lovely people on this site, I stepped outside this morning and got it done! It was the first longer run outside in a while, and I went into the cemetery and jogged uphill and downhill and still managed to do the whole 25mins without even questioning if I could do it... I just kept saying to myself "You got this, you got this".

I had a particularly hard 1 hour strength training session with my personal trainer on Wednesday - just on legs! - so my legs took a while to warm up and now they are a bit stiff. I've stretched, but I'm going to stretch more after a hot shower.

Looking forward to finishing Week 7!

I have my first 5K Race for Charity this coming Saturday April 6th!!! My goal is to jog for 30mins, I'm not concerned about jogging for 5K yet! The next 5K Race I have booked is May 5th, so a whole month to learn to jog 5K! :D

Thanks everyone for being so inspiring and positive!

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Well done and good luck for your first race :-)


Well done! Your legs deserve a treat for serving you so well this week!

Enjoy your first Race for Life.


Thanks!!! :D They feel better already!


Well done and good luck in the race. :-)


Good luck with the run Saturday! We have a local cemetery with hills and a combination of dirt and asphalt roads I love to run. It takes my mind off the run looking at the headstones. Everyone thinks I'm crazy because I find it so peaceful. Gayle


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